I need help for printing bill out in correct size and setup it up

i have everything setup and one printer work and the other two printer do print but weird

And this one is fine and working

This from other two printer that doesn’t print it correctly

Reduce the ‘Line Character Count’
Although not sure amout with HTML print option but this is the result with printing too longer lines on a ESC printer…

what do you suggest i do not use html?

i try to do that and still cut off

Hold on… the print you show doesnt seem to match the template you shown for one…And the ===== is more than 36 which is what your character count is set to.
Think your showing you ticket template for receipts but the photo looks more like a kitchen template…

which printer do you mean???

Sorry, edited last post

its not the kitchen printer. i mean 32 its doesnt work and doesnt print out and just feed the paper abit out thats all… only epson working

Looking at your template you seem to have unterminated divs for a start…

what do you mean divs?

In your template!!!
Its your template LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

so shall i get rid of them

but the first print fine but the other two dont print fine

for now try putting </div> on the end of the two lines ive marked after whats already there…;

i did that but doesn’t make the address goes center

It wasnt meant to it was to test what is causing the problem.
Try the following changes;

Move the closing div to end of address rather than where it is.
Take out the orders div and div end.

but the address doesn’t come up and its not line with the order

Scale the preview width and it will…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Printer has a fixed width unlike the preview panel…
What happens when you print?

the printer havent fixed i change line char to 32