I need help for printing bill out in correct size and setup it up

its does print out notepad and its use to print out html

but not anymore…

This is nothing to do with template. You have to find out why it is not printing graphic from windows native app.

No matter what ppl suggest, you will end up with the same answer NOT WORKING.

First you have to be able to print from web browser or word or notepad correctly first.

But your HTML was only to make bold and center so why not just use normal ESC/POS formatting tags?

what do you mean? bold and esc/pos??

The HTML in your template, all its doing is setting the font to BOLD, centering it and setting size.

All 3 of these can simply be done with printer template formatting;

In summary relavent to the formatting your HTML is doing;

<Lxx> - Left
<Cxx> - Center
<Jxx> - Justified

All of these xx is the size in the formatting of width/height multiplier, 01 makes wider, 10 makes taller, 11 makes wider and taller…

<EB>- Enable bold
<DB> - Disable bold

So my question was is why are you really using HTML? Usually people do it to change the font but you haven’t specified a font (although believe HTML defaults to something other than the normal printer font.)

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Sorry, keep forgetting the code highlighter needs to have a clear line before and after so < > tags wernt showing

how can i put the logo on it too…? i will try that

<BMP> is one option as <BMP>C:\xxxx\xxxx\xxx.bmp
Or add it to printer vram if it has that ability and insert with XCT code like cut or drawer kick.

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how do you change the font size if im using C00

00 is the font size/ratio, C11 would be next up with and height, you can use them indipendently like C01 or C10…

logo doesn’t work when i print it out

can’t get the font bigger

Font size doesnt render in the preview, how is it printing? Have you changed printer back to ESC/POS from HTML?

Try a different location for the image.
Show a screenshot of the file and its location.

Ok, so its back as ESC/POS

But how is it actually printing? not just the preview on template screen?

Its not good

its does print after change it