I want to use custmer phone number as customer data refernce

ok we can’t add customer name twice its mean that in samba pos data , a customer data reference is customer name and i want to change it to customer phone number ,coz many people can have same name but there can’t be same, so when ever i put phone number of any x custmore his address apper
hope u people understand my question.

phone number can’t be same

Change the Primary Field Name of the “Customers” Entity Type to “Phone”. This will then be unique.

If you want the customer to be displayed showing both name and phone number (on ticket screen and in accounts, etc.), then change the Display Format to [Name]-[Phone] or similar.

If you have a custom field for “Phone” currently, change that field to “Name”.


when i change customer to phone every thing change on button where ever that custmore entity use even i need to make changes in print templete maybe in v5 is that easy but i need it for v4 but i figer out a way with out changing any thing im putting customer name and phone number in same line

Dont think there is a way round that, it is something that have been discussed several times.
Are you using full name for a start?

You can still show the name field when selected if you set the display format to [Name] - [Number] it would show both on ticket header etc while keeping fields seperate if thats what you mean…

Here if use primary field name phone then

if i use phone in primary field then in custom field i need to change phone to name and the buttons in screen shot 3 "select customer will change to phone and after that i need to go back to templete and make some changes in order to get print out name

I wouldnt put address in account format personally…

Not sure what your showing there… primary field on 1st picture is still Name…
Primary field is the actual entity name, ie if you set to number samba would use number as entity name and actual customer name would become a custom field…?

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yes after that i change it back to name

when i change it to phone the name entity become phone

So why are you showing a picture of that, you get a sugestion, try it change back and show picture of after changed back??
Your struggling for help because your posts are so erratic its hard to follow what your doing…

Yes, your not selecting the primarry field you just changing its label, so after changing template will show reversed name and number because the fields are already filled, you need to update your entities… it is moving the values just changing the feild names…

i agree i’m erratic ,normaly im not that stuped but but im feel super stuped i hope u bear me.

the changing i was talking about

and thats what i got in print out

customer =Phone number
name is gone

Yes because the print template is looking at the field names and you have switched the names, the contect of the fields stays in that ‘column’ so you have labeled numbers as name and visa versa…
If you want numbers to be unique ‘key’ thats what you need but you now need to move the numbers from what was number field into entity name and name into the custom field that was numbers and now called name…

No, your tags are ENTITY DATA:Number and ENTITY NAME

ENTITY NAME (labeled number) is now the entity number and the ENTITY DATA:Number no longer exisists.

You now use {ENTITY NAME} on the Number: line and {ENTITY DATA:Name} where Name goes.

so what code do i need to put in templete
this what im useing before
– Customer entity format
Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
Phone:{ENTITY DATA:Phone}

You need what I told you…
ENTITY NAME is now the number and ENTITY DATA:Name is name

– Customer entity format
Customer: {ENTITY DATA:Name}
Address:{ENTITY DATA:Address}

Think ENTITY NAME is confusing you, its not the name field, its the Entity primarry field, which in your case is now number… The customer name field is now a custom data field of {ENTITY DATA:Name}