I'm trying to seperate Dine In and Delivery Sales using Custom Reports

Can anyone help me with that? I got the module, a tutorial could help :slight_smile:

You’ll want to offer a bit more info than that if your expecting some help…
How are you separating/loging eat in vs eat out? Department, Tag, State?

Yeah, departments only, I want to show for example:

Dinein : 500
Delivery: 600

Tota: 1100

Not sure on V4 coding but V5 workperiod report lists;

{REPORT TICKET TYPES:!PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0}

Under sales breakdown, which looks like it would list ticket types --> sales, know you said a custom report but your breakdown is pretty basic, have you tried setting two ticket types and applying them to each of your departments?
Would I think in theory show breakdown on the standard work period report.

I understood nothing…

What Im saying is if you only want a basic split you could probably do easily enough on the standard work period report.

You said you have in and out departments?

Make second ticket type for eating out and set that to your eat out department leaving the original type on the in department.

Am not a pro on reports but would be a good place to start especially if your only after than basic split and saves writing a whole new report.

I made a new ticket type, and changed the department ticket type, but nothing is showing in the work period report
it’s just showing like before

Anyone can help? I just need a Custom Report that will list the departments and show the sales of each department during that work period

It won’t change past reports. Create new work period, new tickets and report will appear fine.

Additionally that sample custom report displays payments collected by department. It might be a starting point.

It’s not showing anything new in the work period report, what should it show?
Can someone teamviewer and check?

Please try to explain your issue or needs in more detail so we can understand what is wrong in your setup. Just saying “not working” will not help.

I’ll demonstrate expected setup for you with screen shots so you can compare it with yours to understand what is different on your side.

I have two ticket types.

… and two departments.

I assigned ticket types for each department.

I can switch departments if I’m working on single terminal. If I have separate terminals I can assign departments for user logins or local terminals.

I made few transactions from both departments.

Sale amounts for each ticket type.

Payment details for each ticket type.


It shows “SALES TOTAL” in my Work Period Report under “Sales”

Can you list your tickets on Tickets section and send us a screen shot? I suspect your tickets does not have separate ticket types.

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The first column is ticket type isnt it?!?
They are all showing as Ticket ticket type… (The ones visible are anyway…)

YEAH! gosh how to fix that? I do have each type to each department… bug or something?

Doubt it, emre demoed it without issue for one.

Are you selecting the department before creating the ticket?

What entities should be in the ticket type “Delivery” ? Customer, Driver, anything else?

@JTRTech Yeah I am, I noticed that in Ticket Types > “Ticket” > Menu Mapping nothing is selected so I changed “Delivery” to the same, hopefully it will work now?