Images for Automation Commands (Fast Pay Buttons)

Thought Id try my hand at listing a tutorial.

Have just redesigned my Fast Cash Payment buttons and used note illustrations in place of text.
Will upload the .PNG files should you wish to replicate.

My fast pay buttons now look like this;

To make fast pay buttons please see;

I like to use auto logout so a change prompt is very useful.
My preference is ‘Ask Question’ actions - see here;

To set images to the buttons use <img>xxxxx</img> tags in the header field;

If your UK based and like my illustrations here are the png files, you could prefer to use actual images of the notes or your own images. Have also included the corel draw file and PDF should they be any use.
Fast Pay (247.4 KB)


does the image field in automation commands not work yet? if it does what is the format to use?

I think it does work, as does the Symbol field, but they are both specific to Tiles on the Nav Screen. They do not work on a Button outside of the Nav screen.

The format should simply be the path and file of the image.

EDIT: Hmm… the Image field does not appear to work at all. It may be obsolete since the addition of <img> tag, which you can use in the Button Header field, or in the case of a Tile, in the Template field.

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Well it was working but disabled for now :slight_smile: I’m just trying to ensure if <img> tag will be enough. As <img> does not always fit buttons correctly I’ve decided to consider later if I should enable this setting or improve <img> that.


The image field is if the automation command is to be mapped to the new custom nav screen I beleive.

Yes it should appear as background image for tiles but won’t work for automation command buttons.

It may prove useful for IMG to allow for setting the width and/or height so that all buttons receive consistent image sizes. Basically it would scale the image to fit within the bounds set by the IMG tag.

Something like this: <img [width],[height]>

If a value is specified as 0, no scaling takes place, so we can set width/height independantly, and use one or the other dimension exclusively. For example, this would only restrict the height to 100, without keeping perspective (the image may get squished or stretched):

<img 0,100>image.png</img>

And if we want to keep perspective (so it doesn’t look “squished” or “stretched”), we use -1 instead of 0 to indicate this:

<img -1,100>image.png</img>
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Have lost track of if your talking about using in the header field or the image field.
But wanted to say, if the image field only relates to the nav screen wouldn’t it fit better on the nav settings ‘tab’?

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Yes, it should go on the Navigation Tab. But @emre stated the field is currently disabled, and may be removed altogether in favor of the <img> tag.

Ahh, ok, following you now, got lost for a minute there.

Will tag also work for Payment Type buttons on the payment screen? For example, if I have a Visa payment type, I could use the Visa logo rather than the text? Would look quite good.

Try it and see :stuck_out_tongue:
As you say could look coo :slight_smile: