Implementation on LAN environment

I was able to enable the SQL server browser service yesterday, but wasnt able to test the connections between counter and the restaurant PCs with my server because work was still going on. I will however test it today at 2pm, if I manage to connect to the database then bingo I will be on a multi user platform. Kindly tell me how I will be doing my daily backups and how a backup can be restored on SQL Express 2014.
I am also contemplating moving to V5, can you guys kindly give me some of the advantages that the paid V5 comes with over the V4. Also kindly give me the payment details

here is the screenshot of the SSMS:

and here is the screenshot of the connection error;

and the string looks like this on sambaspos setting.txt:


User Id=sa; Password=sambapos;


I tried changing to have the computer name just as it:

Well your image show you are using lower case?

Your 1st image shows “Jared” which definitely not right. I have not read all your posts so sorry if I have just jumped in on the wrong track.

Your connection string is correct on second screen shot. However database you want to connect exists but this database does not contain tables. Did you manually created this database? If so delete it so SambaPOS can autogenerate it with default data.

I restarted the SQL Server Management Studio and now I am getting this error:

How do I delete the database?

I deleted the database and created a new one without any data. When I start the application I still get this error:

don’t create a database. SambaPOS will create it.

let me delete it then and try again

Awesome that did it! Thanks

I had also asked for the difference in the paid V5 from the V4 as I am contemplating selling it to some of my clients currently running on v4. What are the feature benefits of v5?

Also kindly let me know how to do backup and restoration, bear with me, I am new to both SQL and sambaPOS.

I have also noticed that a database named sambaPOS hasnt been created in my SSMS, or how to i locate the database created?

Samba v5 offers everyone in v4 plus all the paid modules of v4 included - backup module, custom reports etc worth around 70 usd.
There are also lots of new features, extra tag in reports, upcoming API, scripting in Java and SQL.
It’s well worth it.
Ps backup module is the easiest way to backup, and can set to run on WP end.

Tell me about the paid modules of V4; and the cost, if I need these; how do I pay for them?

Do you also have standby support for the paid modules/versions? At times it is abit frustrating when you cant get answers especially when you urgently need them.

Lastly, I had a very unique problem with printing; I have 1 PC in the Bar with a thermal printer and another PC in the kitchen, also with a thermal printer. On the application I have two departments; that Restaurant and Bar. I have created the two different printers, but when I add both printers only one prints for both Restaurant and Bar, and it is either kitchen or bar.

I am now trying to connect a client PC to my server, I am getting this error screen:
Error message:
An error occurred while getting provider information from the database. This can be caused by entity framework using incorrect connection string. Check the inner exceptions for details and ensure that the connection string is correct.

Kindly if there is anyone around to help me sort this

Look in the market section on the main menu, it lists the modules and prices.
I would recommend v5 as not only does it include those modules but custom reports for example offers allot more features/report tags than v4.

Support wise it is the forum, you can ask for paid support in the add section if not happy with the forum but remember if you were wanting support with any other pos system you would likely pay at least £20-30 per terminal per month.
SambaPOS is based on self support meaning you do need to learn and not just rely on someone else to do it all for you.

As for printers,
Samba just refers to the printers configured in windows, you need to setup the printers in windows and then refer to them from samba.
A point often missed is samba only refers to them by name so the naming of the printers in windows needs to coincide over the terminals on the network.
Without a better explanation of exactly how you have setup and what you want to achieve it is hard to make recommendations.

Thanks for that information, let me try renaming the printers and try

Can you also assist me on this connection issue from my client PC to the server, I have done everything as instructed in the tutorials.

This is my server