Implementation on LAN environment

I have enabled show hidden files, and searched for settings.txt file, but results show non. Is there any other way to correct the string?

Look in root of c: drive, ProgramData folder

On My Documents\Sambapos4 there is only Addon and logs.txt


You are quite helpful and I really appreciate it. Now once I get the settings.txt, what should the string look like and what should I change to be like?

Jared please follow the tutorials we have linked you it explains it in there.

I will link it again for you.

@Jared_Oloo I combined all your threads into this single discussion there is no need to make multiple posts about this especially in threads that are not related. Lets keep this discussion here.


Thanks for directions, kindly understand that i am new to the forum and thus the multiple posts on different topics. I apologize for the mixup this has caused other members of the forum.
Let me try and work with the guidelines above and see if I can manage to resolve the string issue and then connect my terminals to a network.


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I have located my settings.txt file and openned it. I have also located the specific string:

<?xml version="1.0"?>8080localhostdatasource=localhost\SQLEXPRESSfalse

<style type=‘text/css’>

My question now is, what should I change it to look like for my application to run ok?

I located it with your help, I am highly grateful.

The entire line looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>8080localhostdatasource=localhost\SQLEXPRESSfalse

I just removed the string and I am sorted

It has been long tiring but finally I managed to get the txt file as well as being able setup the SQL and connect it to Sambapos.
From one of my laptops, where I had entered my products and settings there is a DB in a txt format. is it possible to convert this into sdf so as to easily change it to sqlce? I would like to take this to the SQL database.
Secondly, about connecting a second and third PC. I get an error in connections.

Hand you configured firewall and in the SQL tutorial.

Also he has already said that you WILL NOT be able to convert you demo/txt database into anything…

If by any chance I manage to upgrade and thus get an sdf file, and further manage to convert it into an sqlce file, will it be possible to update it on SQL query and thus have an updated data on my application

Dont hold your breath, as kendash said demo/text is not meant to be converted,
The SQL install tutorial has a whole section about converting CE to SQL but you dont have CE you have TXT/DEMO from whats been said already.
Fill your boots if you want to try but think yourll be wasting your time. Would just have been easier and quicker to have just started fresh in a new SQL database by the time youll have done it.

You are absolutely right

You will not be able to convert your txt file to CE nor to SQL. At this point you need to just ensure your connected to your SQL server and rebuild your setup from scratch and run a backup when finished.

PS Even if you did figure out a way to convert a txt file to CE and then convert that to SQL … what would be the point it means you had to hand code all the tables etc… by that time you could have invented a POS :stuck_out_tongue: Ok not really but my point is you should just start fresh once your sure its connected and from this point on start running regular backups.

You seem to be fascinated with CE as well. For multi lan environment CE will NOT work so you really should get past the CE. The only reason it was mentioned in my tutorial is because older versions of SambaPOS allowed CE and there are still a few people that want to convert to SQL.

By starting fresh you will guarantee no conflicts made during conversion as well. However converting txt demo database is impossible it is not a database at all.

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You are absolutely right and I have decided to start the building afresh as you have said.
I have successfully installed SQL and connected the main PC to the database and it is running fine. I have gone further to open the server configuration manager and ensured that all the services are enabled and running. Also enabled the TCIP just as instructed in the tutorial you shared here, without forgetting to disable my firewall. Now from my client PC I am still not able to connect to the database, it brings the string error.
Secondly, I have two printers ( one in the kitchen and the other in the bar). I have set two departments, Bar and Restaurant. I would like to configure printing for the different departments to the different printers, I have tried but still I am only able to print only to a single printer. What am I not doing right?

Show what you have got? Just saying it doesn’t work wont help anyone suggest whats is wrong.
For starters show a screenshot of your MSSQL Manager showing the instance name etc and something to show your PC name, then show what your connection string is on the client machine.