Incorrect settle of a receipt

by mistake I recorded a payment in cash instead of a credit card and I only realized it at the end of the day, how can I change the payment method

thanks for help

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Thanks for your help, i’ve tried but system is not allowing me to use the button.
I can see procedure is for samba pss 4 maybe is not working for 5.

show your rules and actions, it works also for sambapos 5

As per your tutorial



I’ve tried to write “paid” under "visible states but nothing change

That’s all thanks for help

For it to work your command button mapping must have blank for enabled state not *

Change your Reopen settled ticket rule actions to this

and also your Reopen settled ticket automation command mappings

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thanks, if i try to place "paid " under visible states, is not working, without is working, so thanks so much

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leave the enabled states blank, then it will work when visible states is Paid