Insert new or Sort entity Custom Fields

I recently wanted to add in a new Custom Field on the Customers Entity Type, but realised there is no way to insert a new field between 2 existing fields, or to change the sort order of the custom fields.

For example:

It’s really annoying if you have many custom fields setup with RegEx or other parameters, you need to re-create them all just to change the sort order or insert a new field. Probably if they have data stored, that data would be lost too (haven’t tested!)…

I checked the DB, there isn’t any sorting ability added there either.

Am I missing something? If not, can this feature be added?

I just found this old topic:

It mentions about this already, but importantly I saw that sorting is possible on the Entity Search screen by right clicking and selecting “Design Mode” (didn’t know you can do that with default Entity Search screens!). You can then change the sort order after selecting the field by using the buttons as shown below:

I’ll keep this topic here as the older topic wasn’t as easy to find.


Yikes! :open_mouth: A year ago…

You know I still struggle with just having a number i.e. 01234 listed on the Customer (Entity Management) Screen. @emre would of been great to have a few more selected from Custom Fields…

Really loving the way Create New Entity screens can be modified. I really never knew they supported Design Mode, and also thought we were stuck to one field per line, but now realised I can do this… :grinning:


And layout file (XML) will store in C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\SambaPOS5\Layout

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This is a good tip as adding new fields may confuse layouts and you may need to delete layout file to reset.

Hello markjw, can you guide me to make entering new customer details similar to what in the screen shoot.

For layout - Right click, select design mode…
Fields are added in the entity settings in manage section.

Thank you for your reply, when I enable layout from the entity screen for the customer search every thing will be gone I got a blank screen, sorry may be my question is silly but I am not an expert like you, I am just try to modify the program to work for me and I am failing to do this till now.

Are you using V5? Did you follow the instructions JTR and I posted previously in the topic? If that doesn’t help, please post a screenshot.

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