Inventory and recipe

hi i want to know how add ingredients in recipe like i make sauce recipe in that i will make final pizza recipe adding sauce recipe which i made already

ya i saw this but lots of confusion in this exact i am not able to find some thing like this i wanna do.


You create a inventory roduct for sauce, a recipe of inventory items for that and then for pizza you add inventory product as well and other inventory items

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if i create inventory product for sauce its not showing in purchase because in purchase i see only inventory not product

But that makes no sense, if you purchase sauce as an ingredient it doesn’t need a recipe.
From what you said you don’t buy sauce, you buy powder and spice and add water?

yes you are right i dont buy sauce i buy powder water and spice

hi i made something like this but how to update cost price and purchase quantity for inventory product

Well tat isnt what you asked?
You asked about combining the sauce items into a product so recipe for pizza would be pizza bits + sauce product.
You have added sauce ingediants to pizza recipe?
That must be one runny pizza to have 0.5L of water in recipe…

sauce also has a recipe which is water chili and powder so 1st i will make sauce as recipe with cost and quantity. then i will make final recipe for pizza which has flour , cheese, cornmeal, and sauce. as i am not buying sauce from any store i am buying material of sauce and making sauce in my store.

Thats not what you did though.

You have sauce as an inventory item and some reason have done tomato, chilli and water as inventory products.

You would have inventory items for
Tomato Powder

A inventory product for Sauce which would have a recipe for it of the above.

Then your pizza recipe would use the sauce inventory product giving it the sub recipe of the inventory product for consumption.

you mean i will make sauce as one recipe and inventory and other material like flour i will make inventory and recipe then i will link this both seprate to pizza product so you r saying me to do something like this

Thats what you asked how to do!!!

That tutorial explains it very well.

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sauce is recipe which we apply in pizza.
but sauce we make in the story with material of (inventory tomato powder , spice mix and water.)

then i will make one recipe for pizza regular and now i will add inventory into recipe like flour cornmeal, cheese and pizza sauce this pizza sauce its like this

Do you really want to track water? That seems silly unless your using bottled water or something.

Again the tutorial shows all of this. He even demonstrated it with meatballs.

Ya everything is tally in cost and profit

Water typically is a utility expense. I’ve never tracked water in food. But I guess everyone is different.

Anyway the tutorial shows exactly what you want. What is confusing about it?

i understood but little bit confusion do i have to make inventory and recipe of regular pizza separate and sauce inventory and recipe separate and link to the one product product item.

like product item is cheese pizza so here for cheese pizza i have link both inventory recipe this is my question

I already explained for your question…