Inventory Items


I add my product list Cappy and at ticket section>>order tags add cappy bottle orange,can apple etc.
Also i want to make inventory items,transaction and receips. But i can only choose cappy as product not bottle orange etc.I want it to decrease or increase from my stock Should i create all cappy products at product list? Please help

If you need to see cappy inventory as,, you need to create separate inventory items. If you create a single cappy inventory you can track all cappy inventory without knowing it’s kind. Different venues prefers both methods.

This works also for receipe is it correct? Because when i want to create receipe i have to fill product section so i have to define all cappy products at my product list. What for order tags, order tags feature only show me (what customer wants) on the bill? it doesnt work to decrease from my stock?

Can you review this topic? It may help.

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Dear @emre
I understand when read the Topic. Menu list and product list works separetly. I have to define all products (which i use for receipe) at my product list not menu list. I use order tags for menu list to make it simple. And samba will decrease automatically from my stock when i use order tags. I hope there is no misunderstanding ?

See here …

That should give you a good idea on how to go about it.

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Thank you very much for your helping. It is very usefull i fully understand