Inventory Tracking Shots and Bottles

I know a lot has been written in regards to Inventory, I find that Q did the very conclusive post detailing all aspects in regards to the inventory, However am yet to find the best way way to monitor my whisky sold in shots and in bottles.

Here is the point

  • We purchase all Whisky, vodka in bottles, i would like to monitor their consumption in bottles This is in the main store

*After purchasing we issue to the bar store and the bar store sell the whisky in Tots and bottles I need to monitor the bar consumption in tots not bottles
Tot is the base unit of the product which is equivalent to 30ml.

  • Please advise how the tot Recipe is supposed to be modelled

  • Ideally the Bottle of whisky will come in different sizes of 750ml or 1000ml
    Their is no definite size .This means i cannot map the tot recipe to a specific bottle since when purchasing you only get what is available in the market either 700ml,750 ml,1ltr or 1.5litr .what is the best way to model the tot recipe

  • Lastly i need to monitor only the items that were transacted in my warehouse,
    The stock report that i have is generating all the items in my invetory list , i need to see only what has been transacted either purchased or issued

I would define an Inventory Item with Base Unit of ml or cl, and set Additional Units to be Bottle 750ml or 75cl and the same for 1000ml bottles.

Then I would create a recipe for the Tot glass of whiskey and set it to be 30ml or 3cl (base unit).

Thank you Posflow for your kind response, please understand what I meant. we dont purchase items in tots, we just do it in bottles however we do sell in tots, that is the first point.
We don’t want the inventory items to report in ml or rather the base unit, we want the store consumption to be reported in bottles alone. We have modeled a tot recipe to decrease from 700ml bottles only however sometimes we don’t get the 700ml bottle in the market, the next option being the 1000ml,What happens to my tot recipe
I have to go back to the system and remodel my tot recipe so it can start decreasing on 1000 ml bottle , which is a tedious process,hope you understand

Yes, thats why I said I would set the additional units in bottles of 750, 1000ml. I mean you can add as many as you want of whatever size you want. It is just a multiplier of the base unit. It also has a checkbox you can mark if you want that size to be default when making a purchase.

OK I think understand what you mean and I dont think thats possible, it is not designed to work that way, you can not track exactly which bottle is currently open or the tots are going out off.

I think maybe you should consider using label printer and sticking labels to your bottles/glasses as to when the orders were made and what was sold if you want to be that precise and specific about out of which inventory item it came out of.

It will be impossible to track bottles if there are more than one size and you don’t tell the system which one you are using. The logic there is impossible. The system can not use A camera to look at what bottle is pouring.

It would be really really cool if we could do that. There are very nice technologies that go on top of bottles that can track pours. They are somewhat expensive but it would solve your need.


LOL,i was trying to borrow what i have seen with other pos solutions ,A tot can be configured to reduce from a 750ml bottle of whisky , when the 750ml bottle is out stock then the tot can be consumed from the next available bottle of the same brand .
Tell me how you address this problem in your restaurant*,assuming that you have limited the system to not sell -ve stock items and at the middle, on night you run out of JD 700ml but you have the same in 1ltr and your system is configured only to reduce JD tots from the 700ml,what will happen*
Does it mean you will stop selling JD in shots since your stock for 700ml is finished ,tell me sir

So, what is stopping you from creating an inventory item JD with Base Unit of ml and Additional Units:
Bottle 750 ml
Bottle 1000 ml

When you make a purchase of either of the bottle it will say that you now have xyz ml of JD. If this is an issue for you, why not create two separate recipes for two separate products Whisky tot from 750ml bottle and whisky tot from 1000ml bottle?

imagine having a stock report that tells you that you have 123,000ml of JD, that is the reason i don’t want to use the base units in all the units.

You still have an option to use cl, dl or liter.

Or you can use Base Unit Tot, so then your additional unit is actually
Bottle 750 ml = 25 tots
Bottle 1000 ml = 33 tots

I had read through what Q suggested in his earlier post, that we can only create the ML in one particular bottle, say for example in this case its 700ml for easy report interpretation.

There is no system that can know what bottle you pickup if they are different size. You can configure it to report bottles yes. But it won’t be able to know if your pouring from a skecific size. You would have to tell it first. Either scanning it or selecting which size you are pouring from.

I would love to see an example of a system that can just know what size bottle you are pouring from. Maybe we can look at how they do their magic.

You can create a report that converts the base unit to bottles. That can solve it however it still won’t be able to tell which bottle it was from. Only if you tell it when you ring it up.

Point me to this direction sir i will appreciate ,if am able to convert ml into bottles then i will be in peace with the everything

You can use inline expressions to do the math for you. reports section has all the report info for you. It would just be an expression to convert ml to bottles. Example [=TN('{CUSTOM REPORT TAG HERE}')*1000] That is an example of an expression. It can also do expressions on fields and that is documented in the kb.

The only one I’m aware of is what we used in some high-volume bars in Chicago: it’s a spout with a valve that’s shrink-wrapped onto the bottle and activated by a collar linked to POS. IIRC, you had spouts for 3 or 4 price categories (well, top shelf, premium, etc.) and and then 4 or 5 more you could tie to a specific brand.

It looked a bit like this:


Yes there is technology that can do that… But there is no POS that can do that without the hardware technology. We can definitely track it by bottle though.

The system has to know what bottle is being poured from that is the only way.

I was looking at this one

But it looks like its about 10k a year.

But there is no POS that can do that without the hardware

Oh, without a doubt. I’m sure it hasn’t changed, but back then the devices acted like a keyboard and just piped a code into the POS.