Inventory transactions

Hi, can someone help me? I can’t add a new transaction on my inventory, I’ve already made the inventory products and the recipes for each product I sell, but for example, if I bought 5 soda cans and I sell 1 can, the stock will be 4 soda cans, but when I try to do this on inventory transactions, it doesn’t let me save it.

I put the document no., then purchase transaction type, local warehouse in target, then the inventory product I’m buying, then the quantity, and all the totals appear, but I can’t add more lines and the save button isn’t available.

Please help me!!!

You must start a work period first.

Thank you! and a last question, I have used the order tags for my combos, but then I realized that the things I put in order tags wont be less in my inventory, do you know how can I do that?

Pretty sure theres an order tag option when doing inventory items or recipes so you can deduct order tags from inventory

Cant remember the exact place of it i was briefly looking last night, also im using V5 i dont think the order tag inventory was in V4 but not sure

For recipes you can link order tags with inventory items.

I can’t see that option in my recipes menu, it only says inventory item name and quantity.

And I guess that this option can’t help me, because my recipes are just items, for example a cake, I buy a cake and I sell a cake, so my recipe is product: cake, inventory: cake, and the problem is when I sell a dozen of cakes, or when I sell combo cakes but there are different types of cakes, so the recipe would need to be linked to more than 1 order tag: one for the dozen, one for the combo, etc. I don’t know if I am explaining correctly.

Are you using version 5?

Yes, I downloaded the POS today.

If you have version 5 then you have the order tag option in recipes. Everything needs a recipe for inventory to work.

Ok I’ve just realized I might have the version 4, because it says SAMBAPOS 4.
Where do I download the version 5?, Will I have to start all over again with the products?
And do you think Order tags can help me with my case?

Yes they can help you. V5 is highly recommended.

Can I import my products from one version to another?

Yes just install v5 it will migrate. Backup before as safety measures.

I have just installed version 5 and the products are the default, all my products are gone.

Did you have SQL server before? Or local dB? Import your v4 database to v5. You should have backed it up. If not just run v4 again and rin a backup.

I think that I SQL server, I installed the server with the POS instalation

If you used SQL express then just set your connection string in v5 to that server ND database.

Where is that option?

please answer!! still can import products, there are on version 4 but not on version 5

dont understand what your saying?