Is anyone willing to try and integrate Gloriafood API into my system?

Im a basic user of Samba and was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at integrating’s platform into SambaPOS 5. I asked the question inthe above post but now need the integration as I am looking to use Gloriafood online. If someone can get back to me regarding costs.

Thanks in advance

Incoming orders without user iteration/GUI automation to date is not a simple thing to implement.
The upcoming Samba API should make this allot easier so you will likely not get a solution until this is finalized.
Given that this is a work in-progress I doubt any of the ‘pro’ samba users will dedicate time now creating a very complex solution which with the new feature would be very much simpler (still not an easy DIY solution - but a dam sight easier)
Prime example is that there was/is currently (public version) is no easy simple way to create a ticket and add orders without user interaction/UI automation, you could just about do it now with very complex long winded loop value automation and scripting or multi table complex and potentially risky SQL inserts however the new API should/will offer a simpler way to pragmatically do the above in a way which is ‘safer’ and comparatively allot simpler and easier.

Are we looking at a online proposition with the new system or will we still have to use a 3rd party such as gloriafood?

With the api in development the only thing that would stop you from creating the integration you want would be your knowledge with jscript,html,css, or any other Web tools. You can easily build a fully integrated solution with no third party app.

It might be a while before we mature this new api to solve all needs furthermore it is beta so no guarantee it will make it into live release.

In that case i need to learn jscript and html before the new version comes out…

The feature emre is adding will not be a propitiatory online ordering system so dont expect that.
It is a highly increased functionality improvement.
It should allow us to create our own online ordering solutions and/or integrate with 3rd party services.

The API in itself is not even specifically online orientated just a tool for us to use to do whatever we want.

Any idea when the new version is due or is it a case of when its ready…its ready

Im hoping that we can get something online as i have a lot of indian restaurants and takeaway’s that are looking for a complete solution.

In time I expect some of us will create and share solutions but yes, some knowledge of the above will be required especially if creating your own solutions.

I created the PMS integration having previously had no knowledge of jscript, SQL, JSON, APIs etc.
Yes it wasn’t an overnight thing to learn but it is doable :slight_smile:

Here is a sneak peak at a sample proof of concept we have going in beta team.

That is chrome browser and it is inserting actual tickets to sambapos.

Remember it’s beta also no guarantee of beta features making it live.

was there any course or anything that you did @JTRTech or was it just trial and error on the system?

Yes, when its ready its ready.
So far implications are it will be available in a V5 update rather than waiting for V6 so shouldn’t be too long but dont be expecting it any-day now.

Nope, just quick study, reading forum, dissecting sample codes on the forum and some youtubeing and googleing :slight_smile:

Wow, that looks really good @Jesse

Ok so i just got to get some time and start playing around with the coding on a dummy system

I would expect that the basic API will probably be released in an update at some point with the functionality at that point.
It will likely not have all the functions required to build a complete HTML interface for all possibilities.

If you like something like glorifood what will more likely be the solution available soonest will be an internal Jscript something like my PMS scripts which will utilize the new functionality brought out by the new API as things available in the external API which allows things like the HTML UI kendash showed are also available internally within the Jscripts.

What’s driving that page is jquery,css,basic html, and some jscript. So you should learn jscript for sure and study up on your html and method you plan to deploy.

We probably shouldn’t have even shown you that do not expect it to be soon or even production ready until Emre announces it.

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Understanding and handling JSON is another thing you will want to learn, I had to handle allot of JSON in my PMS script and also would be a good place to learn some basic jscript.

I have never done Jscript and havent done any HTML in at least 10 years. I will probably go through all the old threads on here and start learning, its just finding the time though. Running a busy restaurant does not give you much time :slight_smile:

I will just have to start with Jscript and slowly work my way to JSON.

Jscript it not so bad if you have a logical mind, you dont need to know every little nitty gritty thing.
For an integration with a 3rd party they will be providing the HTML so jscript is main thing needed to start with to handle and manipulate the data they send over which represents the order (most likely in JSON or similar).

JSON is just a format of data/values, similar principle to say CSV which your probably familiar with in one way or another.
Its not a programming code so dont worry about it in that way, I meant a key part of learning jscript for use with something like this will be how to process the JSON array pulling the values you need.

Ah I see, I thought JSON was another language to learn. so u use Jscript to pull the values via JSON?