Is it better to use Android or windows tablets?

Is it better to use Android or windows tablets ?

For the mean time, SambaPOS only supports Windows. So i highly suggest use windows tablets to operate.

In saying that, Sambapos can work on Android tablets or any other tablets via RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol).

To use RDP for other tablets or devices, you must first set it up on a windows based system.

If you are using tablets for waiters or waitresses, and you already have a samba machine setup, then you can use any tablet to RDP into the main system.

So really you can use any tablet or device as long as at least 1 system has windows on it and has SambaPOS installed on it.


I can see that many people are suggesting using windows tablet over other tablets.
So I think we will go for that.
Thanks for you help Shivan .

Test first before buying a bunch of tablets. I personally dont have a fully robust rdp solution that satisfies my reliability expectations yet. I am still trying out various ways to deliver Samba to tablets and will post my solutions and feedback once I get something working perfectly.


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Thanks @Hasa I will Do .
Please Send me your feedback when you are done with testing.

Hey guys, whats the best tablet solution

Before the advent of GraphQL and the Mobile Client, the best Tablets to use were Windows Tablets. SambaPOS only runs on Windows, and trying to use RDP for other platforms is not ideal by any stretch.

Now that GQL exists (SambaPOS V5 only), the answer is not that clear. I still prefer Windows Tablets because you get more value for your money IMO (ie. ~$200 for a full computer (10" Tablet with Keyboard) running Windows 10 cannot be matched by any Android or iOS device for capability, flexibility, and price).

With GQL, you can run Apps on any platform for which an App exists. That said, it depends on what Apps have been developed, whether they are available for the platform, and whether or not they meet your needs.

For example, if the SambaPOS Mobile Client App (currently Android only) does what you need (currently limited to Table-side Ordering), then you can get away with using devices that cost less than $100, or even have your Staff use their own Device (if they let you install the App).

Another example is QMX which runs on ANY platform that has a Browser. It contains several “Modules” including POS, Kitchen Display, Customer Display, Reports, Timeclock, etc. QMX runs on my 5" Android Phone (Galaxy J1 Mini) or my iPad just as well as any Windows Tablet.

Thanks @QMcKay for that info

We are running atom based windows tablet. The only downside is minor lag. but don’t need a licence for every terminal. We have upto 6 tablets to take orders. We have been running it in our shop for last 8 months no problems even during our busy times.

Hope that helps.

We are running all of them on a wireless network. Just realised you are talking about version 4 we run version 5 at our shop.

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I tend to agree. We run 3 tablets in our restaurant (all windows 10 tablets, atom processor. Brand is RCA, to be specific). We are very happy with them. No extra costs for licensing, full Windows 10, and full windows 10 printing support for our tickets. And since they are not RDP, they are not resource dependent (except for database) on the server machine. With a good wireless router, they run very smoothly. Can’t be beat for the price. Couple that with our main server which runs windows 7 professional and our Windows 10 Mini PC’s with atom processors that we use for our second terminal, waitress display, and kitchen display, system runs very smoothly.

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Will there be a possibility that it will work well on android device in the future?

It already does for order taking but it’s unlikely the entire program will. Its a windows app.

If by working well you mean more features from main program we dont really know what the roadmap is like for the Android app. If the app is missing features you want Qs solution might be a good alternative to have a better look at, it has more of the features of the full program and is web based so will work on any web capable device.

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