Is it possible to disable Close button if an item's selected?

In a ticket, I want to grey out Close button if an item’s being selected. Is it possible somehow? The Close button can be used again when no item selected.

Can you show front end.

Sure! Please take a look.

OK, not sure why I couldn’t picture what you meant lol.
Can I ask why the need to disable close?
You dont have any portions or order tags etc
The under ticket position isn’t effected by order selection.
The left hand column of buttons are ticket mapped and change when order selected.

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Ha ha, I can see that my question is kind of weird. Need to disable it because for if I close the ticket with an item selected my kitchen display will go wrong.

OK, so you have ignore selected orders set on the print then?

You need to set your print job for kds to ignore selected orders by editing the action.

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No, sadly, it won’t work that way for QMX. If for any reason, I click Close when selecting an item, KDS will only show that selected item and ignore the rest.

My temporary solution was move Close button from the usual place to left column. So, people have to escape item selected mode to be able to see and press the Close button. Thanks to @JTRTech post above.

I was trying to find how to do the ignore selected orders on the print, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Can I have a screenshot from you?

Yeah it will work because that is the reason what is happening happens.

You said it yourself here that you don’t know how to change that, therefore how can you know it doesn’t work with QMX when you haven’t tried?..

I tried and couldn’t find. Then, after a bit, I think what I tried and what everyone said may not be a same thing. So, I think better ask again to make sure.

Check the “execute print job” action (Automation > Actions) for the print job that prints to the KDS.

Set “Ignore Selected Orders” to “True” as shown.

For example here is the one for “Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job”. But you need to set on the one that is for the KDS.

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Thank you! I will give it a try when I get back to work tomorrow. I was looking into Printing > Print Jobs, certainly a wrong place. Facepalm!

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I’m making an edit now. Hope it’ll work.

Thats to miss selected orders from print though not to.not close ticket?
You will struggle to get out but you could make the button not do anything when pressed by adding a constraint on the automation command rule for close button.

Using the selected orders tag and constraint to check if orders are selected.
I have something like that on my discountsystem to set wether refresh is needed or not.

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Yeah, the issue kind of blurry for me. I’m using KDS and whenever a specific item is selected, when press Close, the KDS only print that selected item and leave the rest un-print.

Can you show me your constraint for the close button? It might help me a lot.

Use task based kds to control individual orders.

I’m using KDS from QMX. I think it’s task based KDS, isn’t it?

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Sadly, after changing Ignore Selected Orders to True, still not work for me. :pensive: