Is it possible to put negative value of inventory item in a recipe?

Basically what I am trying to do is make a recipe for “Upgrade to Large Drink”, which should consume one large drink from the inventory, but (as the burger meals that we offer include a small drink) I also want to NOT consume the small drink that comes under the burger meal recipe.

No. This is not a function of Recipes and should not be handled in that manner.

Use Automation to remove the Small Drink from the Order and add the Large Drink when the “Upgrade” is invoked.

How do you handle the “comes with drink” option? Is it a separate Order? Or an Order Tag?

You could also use Portions to control this, by automating a change from “normal” Portion to “Large” Portion. Then you can set your Recipes per-Portion.

Dear QMcKay,
Thanks for the prompt response. The regular drink is included in the price of each burger and not shown on the receipt. However, we have various types of drink upgrades (large drink, mint margarita, shake, malt drink etc.) each with different price add-on.
I had thought of using order tags to include / upgrade to various types of drinks, but following is a problem.
Most of the guest decide about the drink after the order is printed to the kitchen and food is served. So one way I see to do it is to VOID the item and re-add the burger with the correct drink (after the food is served), however this would be very difficult as it would create a lot of confusion in the kitchen (as drinks are served from the service area outside the kitchen).

Presently we are adding an “Upgrade to Mint Margarita” Order as a separate order to adjust the price, which works fine for any (after food service) orders, however the only problem arises when counting the inventory, as the “included” drink in the burger recipe does not gets reduced.
You have mentioned using Automation to remove the drink from the recipe. Can you share a few links on how to do that.

We were using V4 earlier and now I have bought a license for V5, and had hoped that this issue would have a solution in the current version.


I think you’ll find this tutorial helpful. This is not the direct answer of your question but like I demonstrated replacing muffins with cookies you can replace drinks without changing original order.

Here you can find some more automation ideas to try.

No I did not. I mentioned using Automation to modify Orders/Portions, Order Tags, Tickets, etc. You cannot modify Recipes via Automation (and I doubt this will ever be possible), as there should be no need to do this.

Check out the links from Emre. :wink: