Issue with Printing Bills when using Order Tags that have Free Tagging checked

First this maybe a special case based on my requirements,
but I found an issue when using free tagging for Order tags.

My requirement is only print a bill automatically if a new
item is added to the ticket. Generally this works fine. See the rule at the end.

The details of my requirement is located in this post:

The only time it does not work is when the last item added
has an order tag that has defined with Free Tagging. When I try and debug it,
on the close ticket automation command, Close Ticket Rule, the Order= is
usually blank, but for the item with Order Tag & Free Tagging, the Order=
is NOT blank. See below.

Add this to item to order and all items print on ticket

Add this to item to order and only this item print on ticket

Add this to item to order and all items print on ticket

Rule for Print Bill when new item Added

I figures out that when either the Close or Print Bill Button is Displayed under Ticket and the last item has Order Tag with Free Text, it only prints the last item added.

If I move the Close button to Visibility to Ticket, then it prints all the items correctly

This is not an issue. Be sure this option is set to True in your Execute Print Job action.

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My only question is why when I have the close button set to appear in ticket it works fine, but when you set the button to appear “Display under Ticket” it does not work unless you do the setting as you soon above.

Because ticket mapping can not be used order level but under ticket can. Technically you still had the order selected.

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