Kangaroo for POS

What do you guys think about buying a kangaroo mini-pc and use an Ipad for order entry.

I believe, this might be much more reliable then RDP.

Video explains it really nice.


So it is working with ipad how? using ipad as just a touch screen? Interesting… Doesnt help for table-side ordering though :frowning:


If I understand it correctly, Kangaroo has an app on Ipad which streams Windows 10. Similar to app virtualization. It should work for table-side as well.

She has it plugged in to the box though in the video… you dont want another thing to cary. If it streams on network how does it differ from RDP to a networked PC somewhere out back of premisis?

I don’t believe you need the have kangaroo PC attached with the cable. The last part of the video shows she is controling Windows 10 via WIFI.

The app below shows WIFI direct is used to control Windows 10.


At purchase, you can enjoy an untethered connection to your Kangaroo PC using Wi-Fi. Kangaroo PCs support Wi-Fi Direct so that you can connect your iPad to the PC as if your PC is a Wi-Fi access point. Also available is an option to use accessory keyboards to your iPad in entering data to and controlling your PC.

So how does it really differ from RDP other than its a portable pc which you can also plug in to dock and use as desktop.
Sorry to play devils advocate but not seeing a real big advantage over RDP as far as Sambapos is concerned, maybe if you said direct wired connection was more stable if you wanted ipad as fixed termianl with this under the counter or something but if your streaming/remote controling via wifi its just a propitiatory alternative to RDP and I can buy several USFF dells and use RDP for the price of one of those…
Think the big thing for tablets etc will be the PMPOS to run samba interface locally on any browser enabled device, Id wait on that rather than look at alternatives to RDP if I were looking at this.

Our future for tablet order taking will be GraphQL Web App. It is very close to being ready. Closer than you might think. It solves pretty much all of the issues with RDP or Wifi Tablets.


I assume WIFI direct is a more robust then RDP. RDP was not originally designed to be used from tablets. I has evolved and it is more usable now.

Wifi direct will just be an adhoc network, like the personal hotspot on iphones or what most wifi printers can do. You could do that with RDP any PC with wifi, make the PC an access point, its still networking just a point to point connection rather than infrastructure.

Hi everyone,

My clients are frequently asking if they can use tablets to take orders. I think, I might have found solution using https://jumpdesktop.com/. Seems really promising, until we get GraphQL.

Buy a few Windows 10 mini PCs and install jumpdesk. Use a tablet to control each mini PC.

@JTRTech What are your thoughts on Jumpdesk?

From anywhere in the world puts it in similar group as teamviewer or logmein if it’s bypassing the firewall port opening parts required for RDP or vnc.
It says it’s an RDP/VNC app.
Am just curious why you are so against just using Microsoft RDP app which is free :-p

Its not free if you want more than 1 tablet. RDP is expensive as heck.

I doubt that the above offers multiple connections to single PC.
As discussed before if I was doing multiple tablets i would just get a usff fell for each tablet to RDP to.
Cheaper that RDP licence. That is is insisting on iPads over Windows tablet.
We have decided to hold back on tablets at hotel for PMPOS now anyway as that will be best solution anyway.

Yeah I really dont think PMPOS is that far off from being a real solution. I mean right now you could use it for basic table orders.

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I fell behind on the GraphQL topic :frowning:
Am hoping it ends up being a web based interface working same as presentation program ir following all existing rules etc just being a cross platform web based version.


RDP seems pretty slow. I am just looking for different options. JumpDesk uses Fluid Remote Desktop. Seems faster than RDP.

You are very far behind… that is basically what we have… It uses the built in rules…

It basically creates a terminal ticket… and manipulates that… so that means it uses the rules etc.

Right now in its current state just about everything we need for basic table order taking is there and works really well. Heck often its faster than SambaPOS itself.

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Only thing pushing me away from PM-POS as of now is honestly the fact that we dont have tables layout screen and advanced order tags setup (sub order tags, etc).

Soon as we get that ill start experimenting with it at one of my restaurants.

Tables layout screen? What do you mean?

RDP Is not slow. It is actually almost instant for me. I used rdp wrapper, windows 8.1, and good quality samsung android tablets with Microsoft’s rdp app. They have some nice algorithms that make the experience very good. We are having issues every couple weeks ill need to go in and restart the server. For some reason one of the rdp connections will kick out the user and not allow them back in until it restarts, Im planning on trying it on windows 10 hoping that its just a windows 8.1 issue.