Keep Settle screen open on exact tender

Now, I am sure this is already in the forum somewhere but having searched I cannot find it. Perhaps I’m using the wrong phrasing.

Currently when using the Settle screen, if change is required the settle screen remains open and the cashier must press Close.

However, if the exact amount is tendered, the settle screen closes automatically.

What can I do to have the settle screen remain open, requiring the cashier to press close, if the exact amount is paid?


Can you explain the reason? We need to understand use cases to help us understand the cases.

Perhaps look at something like a show change message but adapt to show details whether change or not, can add print bill button to this also.

Yes. The cashiers requested this as they are in the habit of pressing Close after giving change etc; when busy they basically tap the lower right corner of the screen without even looking. This means that when it closes automatically, they often hit “9” on the default menu screen and don’t notice. Which in turn means the next ticket has 9 sausage rolls or whatever instead of 1.

Edge case admittedly but it’s a very busy site which only has the physical space for two cashiers, so anything they ask for which will make their lives easier I try to at least consider!

I always use autologout or similar so never really noticed this.
You could as I said use a show change popup but change flow to show 0 change also so flow is similar for both outcomes.
Or perhaps look at default flow and disable the close ticket on final payment rule.