Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

#Entity Screen Design

:bulb: You will need to perform these steps 2 times. Once for Food (FoodDisplayTask) and once for Drink (BeverageDisplayTask).

Navigate to your Kitchen Display screen.
Right-click and choose Design Mode.
Right-click and choose Add Widget > Task Editor.
Click on the Task Editor Widget, then Right-click and choose Settings.

Configure the settings for the Task Editor Widget as shown.

:warning: Ensure you select a value for Task Type Name Value

Task Type Name Value (Food): FoodDisplayTask
Task Type Name Value (Drink): BeverageDisplayTask

Column Count (Food): 4
Column Count (Drink): 1

Task Commands (Food):

Select All Orders=Select All
Toggle Order=Toggle
Mark as Completed=Complete

Task Commands (Drink):

Select All=Select All

Duration Format (Food and/or Drink)

0-5: <color LightGreen><size 15>New Ticket</size></color>
5-10: <block 4 Yellow><color Black><size 15>  Order is <m:> minutes old  </size></color></block>
10-60:<block 4 red><bold><color white><size 15>  ATTENTION: <m:> minutes passed!!!  </size></color></bold></block>


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The Tutorial uses Print methods (Rules) designed to separate Food orders onto separate cards. It combines Drink orders onto single cards. I designed it this way because that is how I want it for my venue. It also gives opportunity to show 2 different methods, which you can extrapolate for your own needs.

So if you want Food to be combined on 1 card (the same as Drink), use the same Rules for Food as you do for Drink.

If the colors do not work in Light Theme, then change them in the Printer Templates.

You need to modify the setup as you see fit, for your needs.

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@QMcKay oops sorry may be need to change text color in template not tried yet…

This is specific for orders display if you want entire ticket in cards then you need to modify the template.

Exactly. If you want to do Ticket-level display, then you are almost better off using the Ticket Lister Wdiget - that is what it was designed for.

That quote is from a previous discussion, but it references a request.

I have this implemented on a live setup to a small 10" Asus T100. Because of the screen size, I can only show about 4 orders so that it is legible.

Regardless of that, I would like to request that we can change the order of the Tasks to display the Oldest first, and the Newest last. If we have 4 orders to prepare, then another 2 orders come in, it will bump the first orders off the screen. For me (and I surmise many others), it would be much more useful to place newest Orders last.

@emre, any chance you can give us a switch/checkbox to alter the default behavior? Or is there some other way you can think of to allow for having Oldest First, Newest Last?

That way, when the Kitchen is working on an Order, they don’t need to “track” it’s movement as it gets “bumped” down on the display. It just isn’t natural…


Almost got this to work perfect with one exception, my food printing looks werid, seems it’s not interpreting the colors properly, etc. I copied and pasted as seen here:

One more question, in my normal KDS setup when someone marks something as complete it sets the table entity to a new color.

Since this is a printer type setup is that still possible? The complete button does it have some action I can associate with it so that I can change an entity status or is this strictly one way since it’s print based?

Remove the Custom Fields from your Task Types.

Define Automation Commands for Task Complete Commands in the Task Editor Widget Settings. These will fire when the task has been marked as complete, and you can handle the command via a Rule to perform other actions, including updating Entity State.

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Thanks x2. Awesome tutorial. Works very good. The prior KDS method with v4 would often crash our POS or was very slow to respond to marking tickets as cleared even on fast machines.

This method is far faster and more reliable. Good work to the entire team with v5 which has allowed for this type of setup.

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Ticket Lister widget also improved but Task Widget is recommended for Kitchen Displays as it can work without tracking ticket states and have duration tracker internally.

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Thank you, yes this is so much better.

this is not working on 5.1.57 does anyone else tried on 5.1.57?

It works fine. What part is not working for you? Show some screenshots of your setup, Screenshots of whats not working, be more descriptive.

I can answer your question with a simple Yes I have tried it and it works just fine… I doubt you will like that answer though so its important you be more descriptive.

navigation button is not working when i click nothing happends

i could work without that button but when i make a order nothing happends on kitchen display

thank you