Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

That quote is from a previous discussion, but it references a request.

I have this implemented on a live setup to a small 10" Asus T100. Because of the screen size, I can only show about 4 orders so that it is legible.

Regardless of that, I would like to request that we can change the order of the Tasks to display the Oldest first, and the Newest last. If we have 4 orders to prepare, then another 2 orders come in, it will bump the first orders off the screen. For me (and I surmise many others), it would be much more useful to place newest Orders last.

@emre, any chance you can give us a switch/checkbox to alter the default behavior? Or is there some other way you can think of to allow for having Oldest First, Newest Last?

That way, when the Kitchen is working on an Order, they don’t need to “track” it’s movement as it gets “bumped” down on the display. It just isn’t natural…