Kitchen display with timer notification?

This looks great! It does raise some concerns for me though as an operator, I might be understanding the terms wrong but it seems like this is done by “printing” to a virtual queue which displays on screen. If this is correct, would the following be an issue:

  1. What happens if a waiter voids an item in a ticket after the initial order? Will it reflect in the kitchen?
  2. What happens if something is added after the initial ticket, will it reflect in the kitchen?
  3. What happens if an order is to go and paid for all at once, will it still display in the kitchen even if status is paid?

Thank you

That is correct.

No. It will not reflect in the Kitchen. Not yet anyway… working on that part, but need more features for Tasks to make that work. I am sure @emre will give us the tools we need - I have asked for them already, specifically because of Voids.

Yes. It doesn’t really care about Tickets per-say. The setup shown is only concerned with Orders. So if you add something to an existing Ticket, the added Order(s) get printed.

Yes. Again, it has nothing to do with Tickets, nor the Status/State of the Ticket. It operates solely on the Order-level.

Keep in mind, the setup shown is only 1 way to do this. It could be Ticket-based if you want. But I don’t really see the point, when it comes to using the Task Printer as a Kitchen Display mechanism. Kitchens are concerned with Orders, not entire Tickets, correct?

This could be used with Order Groups as well, so if you have “Set Meals” that have, say, Meat, Potatoes, Veggies, where each is an actual Order-line, you could group them, so they appear on a single Task Card instead of printing individually. It is just a matter of changing when and what you print, and the Template(s) you use.

If you want to use the Task Printer for another purpose - one which prints entire Tickets, you could do that as well. But the Ticket Lister Widget is more suited to that - it was designed for that purpose. People figured out some “clever hacks” to use as a Kitchen Display using States, etc., but the setup is really rather complex, as compared to using Task Printer. The Kitchen Display using Task Printer setup is really dead-simple by comparison.

I chose to configure this to print Food Orders individually, and Beverages combined (the setup steps shown do not do this). There are many other possibilities…


on which step of the line should i include this step? my necesity si to consolidate same orders in one print,

I have not posted the setup that includes all Orders in a single print.

If you need everything in 1 print, then there is no need for use of Group Code or otherwise.

Hi @QMcKay,

I followed his KD Tutorial usign tasks and it works great , but I want to change the way of sort them.
You know if it’s possible?
My idea is show old tasks first.

Pd. @QMcKay: Hablas español?



Newest Tasks are always listed first. @emre might be kind enough to give us an option to switch that behavior to our liking.

I speak “kindergarten spanish”, meaning, very little, and often conjugated incorrectly, but enough to understand and get my point across in conversation, if spoken slowly.

Ok. Thanks for your help @QMcKay.
…and with the spanish…no problem…is for me more easy explain my ideas in spanish…but…not problem.
Thanks again.


On my kitch screen its all black with the three buttons at the bottom, when I click right on the mouse I get options for property, setting etc but does not show the option box anymore.

WIll post my screens now, I think I have issues with my printer template too. New to printer templates so a little confused from tickets to orders.

Try right clicking below the buttons, am guessing your out of design mode, try right click off of the widget (below the buttons and see if design mode option shows.

Hi JTRTech, I am more interested in why the orders do not show, I guess it has something to do with my kitchen display printer template.

Has it worked yet and stopped working or new setup?

New setup from the above instructions

You need to right-click to go into Design Mode. When in this mode, there should be a red border around the screen.

Then right-click on Widget and select Settings. If the settings dialog does not appear, then you are not in Design mode.

Ensure the Widget has the proper Task Type assigned to it.

Also be sure you set up the Printer properly. It is a Custom Printer with type of Task Printer. Under the Settings link in the printer configuration, you need to type in the Task Type that you defined. You also need to ensure you have a DOT as the Printer Name.

The kitchen display does not show anything I can get to design mode by clicking in between the buttons. Also my ticket display shows three lines with three tickets, but you cannot tell that they are three tickets. Something wrong with the screen settings?

When in Design Mode, click on the Task Editor Widget (in the middle is fine), then right-click and choose Settings. A settings dialog will appear…

Check that the Task type name value in the dialog above is set to the same as your defined Task Type (below)…

Ok, good.

If Tasks are still not showing, you need to verify the rest of the setup to ensure that it is operating properly.

Basically, something is wrong with the printing operation, so no Tasks are being printed.

I think its my printer template, can you have a look at this please for me?

This is nothing like yous but can you advise how I can mod yours to include my items please.