Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

The best starting point is to use the DB Tools file.

Do this:

  • Delete all Rules with “KD” prefix.

  • Delete all Actions with “KD” prefix.

  • Delete all Automation Commands with “KD” prefix.

  • Delete all Print Jobs with “KD” prefix.

  • Delete all Printer Templates with “KD” prefix.

  • Delete all Printers with “KD” prefix.

  • Import the DB Tools file to re-create all Automation elements (Rules, Actions, Automation Commands, Task Types, Printing config, Entity Screen, etc).

  • Check the configuration to modify or create certain elements which are not (cannot be) included in the DB Tools file, see here …

OK, I will try this now. Let you know how it goes.

P.S. The error you are seeing, this one:

Action field name [State] shouldn’t match to a rule parameter name.

… is caused by using reserved words in an Action Parameter.

For example, the word State is a reserved word used in Rules. This means you cannot use that word for an Action parameter…

The same applies for many other words such as those which you see on the Left side of Rule Constraints, or within the list generated in a Rule for Action parameters, such as:

State Name (cannot use [:StateName])
State (cannot use [:State])
State Value (cannot use [:StateValue])
Previous State (cannot use [:PreviousState])

Yea, I caught that, lol. I went ahead and wiped out anything to do with Kitchen Display and Installed the DB Tools. Set my Item Tags up and configured my print template to meet my needs. Also ensured the task printer is set properly. The result, a new issue. It kind of works. When a new order is entered, it goes into an almost limbo state, it wont show on the screen unless you manually exit and reenter, OR if another order is entered. When a new order is entered, it pushes the first one through and it shows on the display and the new order sits in limbo until the screen is refreshed or another order is entered.

And it still does the same thing with auto refresh set to 0 or any digit, like 3 seconds for example.

This still sounds like a Message Server problem, but if you have MSTC working properly, it could be caused by something else.

Have you altered any of the default SambaPOS Rules, States, etc?

No I haven’t. I’m almost 99% positive its a message server issue because I just shut down message server and set auto refresh interval for 3 seconds and the display went back to working as normal. Now, the only issue with that is, I know that it will begin to randomly pull previously completed orders with this set up. It will just randomly refire orders that have been completed hours ago, for no reason. So that’s why I wanted to get message server up and running. I am stumped here.

That indicates the printing states (KDStatus Order State) is not being updated properly.

  • Create a Ticket.
  • Take a screenshot of the Ticket.
  • Close / Submit the Ticket.
  • Open the Ticket.
  • Take a screenshot of the Ticket.

We want to see the States under the Orders like: FNotPrinted, FPrinting, FPrinted.

It looks good. But you are saying nothing came up on the KD?

It comes up on the KD fine when message server is disconnected and refresh interval is set to 3 seconds. But with message server running it does not and if it does, it works intermittently at best. You have to manually refresh screen to get ti to come up or sometimes firing a second order will push the first one through.

Easy setup for Kitchen Display - DB Tools Import File

:warning: IMPORTANT: You need to be running SambaPOS 5.1.62 or greater since it contains bug fixes for import of the Entity Screen Layout (Kitchen Display) in the following DB Tools File.

DB Tools Import file

:warning: IMPORTANT: If you have a previous installation of Kitchen Display (either manual steps or import of an older DB Tools file, you need to delete all elements with a “KD” prefix before importing this file. Ensure you delete the following first:

  • Rules with “KD” prefix
  • Actions with “KD” prefix
  • Automation Commands with “KD” prefix
  • Entity Screens with “KD” prefix
  • Print Jobs with “KD” prefix
  • Printer Templates with “KD” prefix
  • Printers with “KD” prefix
  • Task Types with “KD” prefix (SambaPOS may not allow this, no worries)

Download and unzip this file, then Import it…

! (3.7 KB)


  • Task Types
  • Printers, Templates, Jobs
  • Entity Screens
  • Automation Commands, Actions, Rules

Extra Configuration (MANDATORY)

:warning: IMPORTANT: You need to define a Custom Product Tag named productType
and use the Product Tag Editor to set your Products to use either Food or Drink for the productType.

Custom Product Tag - productType

Product Tag Editor - Set productType field

Print Job Mappings - KD Print Tasks GUI

Confirm each Mapping in the Print Job KD Print Tasks GUI has the Product Tag column set to one of the following:

  • productType=Food
  • productType=Drink


Confirm the Printers are configured as follows:

  • the Printer Share Name / Port Name must contain a DOT ( . )

  • the Task Printer Settings link must contain a valid Task Type, one of the following:

    • KD Task GUI - Food
    • KD Task GUI - Drink

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Just saw this, I’m at home right now. When I go to the restaurant in the morning, I’ll go ahead and reinstall the KD with the steps above. Try anything at this point. Chef just messaged me, had a waitress enter and order and only half came up on the kd. she voided and refired to test it, same order, and the whole thing came up. Banging my head now but I truly appreciate all of your help. Ill let you know how it goes.

Ok, I just implemented the above code and it is working, kind of? The orders appear on the display except at the top of the display Are all entity screens (Tables, Take Out, Delivery, KD GUI Food, and KD GUI Drink). I attempted to exit and reneter the screen and it does not show the screen, but rather, bring up the table selection screen. Now i can not get into the KD. Any thoughts?

Check (show screenshots):

Automation Command : KD Kitchen Display GUI - Food
Automation Command : KD Kitchen Display GUI - Drink
Action : KD Show Screen
Rule : KD Show Screen

There is only 1 Automation Command for KD.

Empty the AMC Navigation settings …

I removed those items and it worked one time. I entered an order, it appeared on the display and now When i exit the display and try to reenter it, it brings up table selection.