Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

sorry, i get lost here, i have to create an state in setting?

You need to make a new update order state action to set a state for KDStatus.
Make a seperate state flow and do not mess with the default status state flow.

You do not need to create States in Setting in order to use them. Just use Actions and manually type the State Name and State. The Tutorial does not mention creating States in Settings, because it is not required.

hello everyone, im little bit frustrated, i did every step by step but it not work at all, this is my screen

tell me what do you need and ill upload it, but please help me!!!

Did you tagged your products?

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Show screenshots:

  • Task Types
  • Task Editor Widget Settings
  • Product Tag Editor
  • Rule for Order Added
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yes emre i tagged it
im trying to make food screen works
task types

task editor widget, i copied and paste evrery step


it will be usefull for the future use the tag editor for me with the reports

and in the rule i also created a custom containt with the Group Code to try but isnt work

i hope you can help me and thanks a lot

You can uncheck the option for “Allow adding Tasks” on the Task Editor Widget Settings.

Show screenshot of Printer configuration for the Food Task Type:

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the printer was exacly like this one, i also uncheck this box now, and looks like the same

Click on the Settings link in the Printer configuration and ensure the Task Type is set to match FoodDisplayTask.

Show a screenshot of the Print Job as well.

And show a screenshot of the Rule for Order State Updated, with all the Actions expanded.

this is my printer job

and the rule

I’m only butting in and not been through full topic but you have a GROUPCODE constraint in your rule which would override all but one of your group codes in your print job???

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i write it just to try it not work with or with out this constraint

Remove the Group Code constraint from all your Rules. Leave the Product Type constraint in the Rules.

Delete the Print Job Mappings, so that there is only a single mapping. Set Product Group to * and set Product Tag to ProductType=Food

You still have not shown to verify the Settings link in the Printer configuration.

What version of SambaPOS are you running?

done everything, still not working, here what you asking for @QMcKay QMcKay

Everyone says that and every time they realize they missed something. Go back and look really close you must have missed a step or made a spelling or punctuation mistake.

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Show the Print Job Mapping again so we can see how you changed it.

Then you will also want to show all your Rules, with Actions expanded, so we can see how you changed them.

Yes i know that it was for sure that the mistake was mine, i asked a friend to chek everithing and we found the mistake
now the problem is when i void an order it apears tow times, any idea?

Would be good to show/explain the mistake for the benefit of others.

That is just the way it works.

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hello again, i make it works mostly, right now i want to change the size of the font in the name of the table, i tried to add before the line that i want to modify like this:

because its the way i did it in the kitchen order ticket but its not work, its bezause of de two ++ simbols? or how it works here