Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink


try <size 21> your content you want increased font size </size> tags That would change size to 21 for example.


++ is a special command for task printer to allow creation of separate task for each order.

Using size tags like <size 20>{ENTITY NAME:table}</size> will make fonts appear bigger.


i did this and nothing happens


Can you create a new ticket and post the screen shot of the kitchen display?


this is what happend, it is posible to erase all the old tickets somehow?


Your missing the closing </size> tag

EDIT NM I See it.

It looks to me like you cant insert the tags in middle of a line and only increase part of it.


OK got it. Tasks does not allow formatting on box titles due to some performance optimizations. You can show table name under title (under ++ line) and it will display formatting fine.


Thanks you very much @emre now it perfect, just one tip for everyone
i still use both paper ticket and the kitchen screen, its useful for me use the display only to show the table and the time, because less is more and you can see in the screen if you are late with the tables easely
it is posible to erase old ticket in the kitchen screen? example every 2 or 3 hs


Do you mean remove uncompleted items?


i mean everithing, when the ticket have more than 3 hrs take it out to the screen


I’m surprised… Why nobody requested that before? Sounds useful…



We should not clear Orders that have not been marked as Complete, that is why. It breaks the proper flow of your establishment.

If we cannot rely on Kitchen to mark them Complete, then there is no purpose IMO. If they forget to mark them Complete, fine, but they will need to deal with that themselves eventually and Complete them as they see fit.

I mean, which is better? Clear orders that are not Completed automatically and then miss Orders in the Kitchen (that to me is crazy), or leave them on-screen for the Staff to Complete when they verify that they are ready?


Yes keeping them 3 hours sounds like an issue but I saw some fast food kitchens sees orders for just 15 minutes. I don’t know how workflow proceeds after it goes away but that might be an interesting flow.


It might be an interesting feature that some could use, but not me.

They must be fast and know what they are doing. Sounds like a disaster at that short of a time limit.


I would imagine it goes into a different category that can be checked/brought up but it clears off main screen. More than likely a notification happens when order goes past 15 minutes.

15 minutes is a LONG time in fast food.


ok, i f* up, its appears this and then crush, any idea?

i already changed the hole template to the original and still crashing


That’s easy… you cant use 0 for font size.


yes, i saw that but i did not have 0in any font size


Check again make sure you didn’t accidentally erase a number. It appears you do have 0 for FontSize somewhere.


That will not be “simple” to recover from I think, because the Template is written to the Task in the DB and it won’t matter if you change the Template because the Task that is doing that will still have the old Template in the DB.

How to fix it? Restore a backup, or fire up SSMS and manually edit the Task record.