Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink


I want it to work exactly as you said, Oldest 1st … however I followed the setup on manual configuration, for learning purposes… and I cant seem to make card sorting work. Do you have a screenshot available of Task Editor Settings?

If not I’ll import the DB Tool and check it.


Unfortunately no. I don’t use this anymore (Entity Screen with Widgets). I use an HTML/GQL version for my Order Displays.

But a few posts up, there is a sceenshot of the Widget Settings, where you can see the Sort Order is set to Descending. Check to make sure yours is instead set to Descending



Having issues with some states for the KDS.
which is giving me this issue

Tried with different printer template settings but not having much luck.
Pretty much want it to show all orders per ticket.
Below is my ticket template:


(Id={ENTITY NAME:Customer}-{ENTITY NAME:Table})
<color White><bold><size 16><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>']

<color White><bold><size 16><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>'] <bold> FREE</bold>

<color White><bold><size 16><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>'] <bold> VOID</bold>

<size 14><color Yellow><font Consolas>    [=('{ORDER TAG QUANTITY}'>1 ? {ORDER TAG QUANTITY} : ' ')] {ORDER TAG NAME}</font></color></size>

Here is the rule for the Print Order below
And the Ticket Closing
This is the order of the rules

EDIT: Any Ideas?


Try this set of Rules instead, they seem to be a “more reliable” method for this…

Instead of using Order State Updated event, we use the Before Ticket Closing and Ticket Closing events.


Ok so I did the following.

IE Remove Order State Updated Event
and add the following Rules.(Im only using Food Tasks and not drinks for now)
the AMC
The Before Ticket Closing
The Order Added to Ticket
The Ticket Closing
and now the after order is taken
I didn’t recieve anything in KDS screen,


States are updating properly. It just isn’t printing.

Check your Print Job and the Action that fires the Print Job.

Before you were using a Different Action for Printing, and you changed it in the latest screenshots.


Ok you initially had the Order State Updated Event which had the Print task job action within it. I got rid of it because u stated

So in this case should I put the print job in the Ticket Closing event?


Ok I saw that you made a new print job so I made one too. However I didn’t set up the print job it should print to.

So i just edited the action to assign the print job, saved it and now Im recieving order tasks :slight_smile:



Another issue Im facing is, if i select more than one of the same item, it auto merges them and in the case of having to void 1, it cannot be done without voiding all 3. Is there a way to still keep them seperated?

Before Submission
After Submission KDS
After Submission Ticket View


The Merging is due to a SambaPOS setting, as you can see it is not just the KD doing that, but also the Ticket screen …


Is there a work around for that? Or its hard coded like that?


This, I think, dictates Merging on the Ticket Screen:

And this when it comes to Printing:



Merhabalar SambaPos Ailesi
Sizlerden bir ricam olacak V5 Basit Mutfak Ekranı
Forumdaki tum Dokumanları inceledim birseyler yapmaya calistim ama basarili olamadım

İşletmem küçük ürünler az *Pide *İçecek ve *tatlı

Sisteme girilen ürünler mutfak ekranına düşecek hazır olan siparısın uzerine tıklanılacak ve uzeri cizilecek yada cıktıgı belli olacak adisyan kapandıgındada kaybolacak
tum istedigim bu yardımcı olacak birisi varsa ister buradan yada iletişim kurarak olmadı uzak masa ustu ıle yardımcı olabilir sizleri seviyorum iyi forumlar saglıcakla kalın


Need some help. I used the data base import tool which worked perfectly. It seems that all of the rules have been added correctly, but when I add an order, nothing shows on the screen. It prints to my kitchen printer fine, but not on the screen. Any help would be appreciative.


The best thing you can do is go through the tutorial and check all your rules/actions. Since we can not see your computer to know what is happening you would have to send us lots of screenshots and we can only guess until we find the culprit. IT would be faster for you to just look at the tutorial and compare to find what your missing.

This is the very reason you will see me or @QMcKay mention over and over that it is always best to follow the tutorial vs installing the database tools file. The database tools file is great for someone that knows the system well and just wants a quick shortcut but for new people its not so great.


I don’t have Entities attached to my Tickets, since I my Ticket Creation Method is “Create Ticket”. Can I use Ticket Number instead? and how would I go about doing that?


I did try following the tutorial step-by-step. Got everything in and ran into the same problem. So I restored my database and tried using the database tools. Same issue. It appears that all of the rules are in and correct. Orders print to kitchen printer, but nothing shows on the display.


You have got to understand that we can not accurately guess what’s wrong. It’s a complex setup and it could be anything from spelling to punctuation, to case sensitivity. For us to help you have to supply detailed screenshots and explanations. I want to help but it will be very hard for me to without seeing your configuration.


I do understand. I am at a complete loss. I took some detailed screen shots for the display rules and actions. I don’t know what im missing. Maybe another set of eyes. Its like it is not updating on the screen.


Show the following:

  • Printer configuration for Task Printer(s)
  • Print Job configuration
  • Product Tag Caption configuration
  • Product Tag Editor

Printer Configuration

:warning: NOTICE:

  • there is a DOT in the Printer Share Name / Port Name … this is mandatory, and might not have been imported properly in the DB Tools files.
  • the Task Type in the Settings dialog must match your configured Task Type Name

Print Job Configuration

:warning: NOTICE:

  • be sure the Product Tag field is set properly for each mapping to one of:
    • productType=Food
    • productType=Drink

Product Tag Captions

:warning: NOTICE:

  • this is CASE-SENSITIVE … in your Rules, you are using productType, so make sure the Caption for productType is listed in this field, NOT producttype or ProductType, etc.

Product Tag Editor

:warning: NOTICE:

  • again, this is CASE-SENSITIVE and your Products must have a value for productType of either Food or Drink (or blank).
  • if you have Products that do not belong to either of these groups (ie. Merch, Cigarettes, etc.), then leave the productType field blank.