Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

Thanks x2. Awesome tutorial. Works very good. The prior KDS method with v4 would often crash our POS or was very slow to respond to marking tickets as cleared even on fast machines.

This method is far faster and more reliable. Good work to the entire team with v5 which has allowed for this type of setup.

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Ticket Lister widget also improved but Task Widget is recommended for Kitchen Displays as it can work without tracking ticket states and have duration tracker internally.

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Thank you, yes this is so much better.

this is not working on 5.1.57 does anyone else tried on 5.1.57?

It works fine. What part is not working for you? Show some screenshots of your setup, Screenshots of whats not working, be more descriptive.

I can answer your question with a simple Yes I have tried it and it works just fine… I doubt you will like that answer though so its important you be more descriptive.

navigation button is not working when i click nothing happends

i could work without that button but when i make a order nothing happends on kitchen display

thank you

Show the Task Editor Widget Settings and Properties.

you need a rule

Nothing changed my friend still button and kitchen screen not working :confused:

You setup something wrong the tutorial works fine. Hard for us to know where your mistake is because we can’t see it.

Any idea of refreshing as its not refreshing screen until logout and login if we enter order in same terminal its showing but task complete working fine , new orders not showing immediately as all terminals connected to message server.

Did you set a refresh time for widget?

@Jesse No I just followed the tutorial as it say

It won’t auto refresh unless you set it and a rate in seconds. Turn auto refresh on and set an interval

@Jesse Hmm…its by default ticked and set for 0 , may be causing messaging server, is there a solution where we can uninstall and completelty remove message server and set new port ? so that might be reset all.

Set it at 5 or so dont leave it at 0. If it says Connected on all terminals then Message server is working.

@emre as the above discussion I set to 5 and I can see the screen flicking every 5 sec , but its not showing cards until we get another order so showing together, or take order on same terminal , or log out and login , is this only my side ? any issues ? thanks

show your msg server settings on one of the terminals that’s not the one with the server running. You do have a main server running mag server and all other terminals set to connect to it right?

It should just work when message server active and there is no need for interval refresh. I tested it on my side and seems working fine. So there is something specific on your side that is not handled properly by me or not configured correctly.

Assuming there is no configuration error the problem might be refresh message may execute before tasks created by printer. Can you try editing related execute print task action and set “High priority” setting to true? That will trigger printing immediately.