Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

Thanks yes its works fine now, also changed msg server port reinstalled .

So what was the fix? Just changing ports? Odd behavior if that is what fixed it. The port shouldnt have anything to do with it if it said terminals were connected.

Or was it setting High Priority setting?

@Jesse I hope the port wont do any change as it was connected before, and I set back to refresh 0 , as emre said that wont do anything and finally I set to high priority in action , now when kot prints in kitchen same time its effects and works flawlessly , bit confused what it worked.

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More than likely @Emre was right. Setting it to high priority ensured tasks created before message server sent the update. Changing port did nothing and like you said you can ignore my recommendation of refresh interval.

i have done everything as on tutorial have a look maybe you can catch something, button and kitchen display not working thank you

Can you create a backup zip and PM that zip file to me?

Well I requested a backup by thinking there is a bug but I noticed this is probably a configuration mistake. Tutorial checks for product group code named as “Food” but you don’t have a product group named as Food.

See how you configured {GROUP CODE} constraint. It checks if Group Code contains Food word.

As we can see here your group codes are in Turkish.

There might be other translation related issues though. It will be great if you review whole configuration for such issues.


Emre i have changed group code i put new different products and try almost everything same nothing worked,
navigation button and kitchen display still not working, i dont know whats wrong i need a kitchen display
thank you

I see your using the Navigation Action but you also have parameters setup for the automation command navigation section. You cant use both you need to pick which one. If you use the action and a rule then clear the Navigation settings for the button. If you use the navigation Settings for the button then do not use the action and rule.

A really good tip is when your doing a tutorial do not rename anything until you understand how it works. Renaming things can cause you to make mistakes even if its renaming to your own language you should refrain from that until you get it working.

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i installed my different computer version 5.1.56 and kitchen display is working on that version. on 5.1.57 version the kitchen display is not working, i am sure i have done everything how should be, and about the navigation button i did it as on tutorial i did it how you said , i tried without action and rule i tried without navigation setting just rule and etc.,as on tutorial he is using navigation setting and action
thank you

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Ok I see what your doing you want it on navigation and inside a ticket so yes your right you could use both. I prefer just using the action myself no need to setup both. However it works just fine on 5.1.57 so something must be configured wrong. Did you configure it seperately on the 5.1.56 version?

yes different computer different database but i used on 5.1.57 sql 2014 on 5.1.56 sql 2012 do you think it can effect something? so if you got it how that button can work because i want to set up takeaway aswell and kind a button like that can be usefull

INo it wouldn’t cause any trouble likely you made configuration mistake and what you just said makes me think that even more.

One database you set it up correctly on the other you probably made small mistake

well i have changed the database to sql server 2008 and installed it and now kitchen screen is working on 5.1.57 but that lovely navigation button is still not working

SQL server version should not affect anything. Pm me a copy of your db I’ll take a look when I get home tonight. You’re making a configuration mistake. I’ll help you spot it.

Reinstall SQL Express 2014 no need to use old versions. Your making a mistake somewhere we will find it.

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Well i solved the kitchen display problem with new database i installed sql express and then reinstall the kitchen display later on it started work.
And about the navigation button , navigation button is working only if ticket is not open for my section it is working on takeaway , restaurant side it is not working
is it possible to use navigation button when a ticket open?

I’ve explained this before but navigate action won’t work inside an open ticket. You have to close ticket first. You might have saved a lot of confusion if you had explained that sooner instead of just saying it doesn’t work.

I’ll be honest and say the database probAbly had nothing to do with it working and you reinstalling it was probably the fix. You probably fixed the configuration mistake when you reinstalled the tutorial.

@emre after testing the task printer since 4 days , some times its prints immediately , some times 3-4 kots prints once, even I have changed msg server port and connected all terminal as I use server,pos,kitchen and tablet .

Today I noticed one of the reason is; if I settle ticket with fast payment buttons those orders not printing. Hold,settle buttons working fine and prints immediately. can you please confirm the behavior thanks for the long conversation and sharing .

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Put the Task Print Action(s) in the same Rule(s) for Fast Payment buttons.

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Orders Missing … when opened the table and close than its printing rest of the items some times ,Pls see screen shots order not printed


++{DEPARTMENT} #{ENTITY NAME:Table} -{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Customer Name}
<color Orange><size 10><font Consolas>[='     ~~~ {GROUP KEY} ~~~  '.substr(0,40)]</font></size></color>

<color White><bold><size 22><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>']

<color Green><bold><size 16><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>'] <bold> FREE</bold>

<color Red><bold><size 16><font Consolas>[=('{QUANTITY}'+'  ').substr(0,2)] {PRODUCT NAME}</font></size></bold></color>[='{PORTION}'=='' ? '' : '<font Consolas> <color #FF55FF33><size 14><italic>{PORTION}</italic></size></color></font>'] <bold> VOID</bold>

<size 16><color Yellow><font Consolas>    [=('{ORDER TAG QUANTITY}'>1 ? {ORDER TAG QUANTITY} : ' ')] * {ORDER TAG NAME}</font></color></size>
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