Kitchen Display Setup

The database is listed above

it says cannot create file kitchen.mdf as it already exists?

Are you running Compact SQL or SQL Express ?
*.mdf files are SQL Express.

sql express, i followed instruction and has set up the sql server. it show SQ instead of the ‘CE’ or something when i minimise window

If you followed the instructions here, your Data Connection string should be

Data Source=localhost\SAMBAPOS3; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=Kitchen; 

If you created a different SQL Instance name, then change SAMBAPOS3 to the name you created.

seem like it attempt to create the database ‘kitchen’ when i use ur command. Database=Kitchen; i have tried using version 4.1.17 but no luck

Uninstall SambaPOS.
Deleted the SambaSettings.txt file in C:\ProgramData\SAMBAPOS\SambaPOS4.
Reinstall SambaPOS V4.1.17 and make sure you untick Compact SQL.
Login, and go to Manage->Settings->Local Settings, and set Data Connection String to Data Source=localhost\SAMBAPOS3; User Id=sa; Password=sambapos; Database=Kitchen;

Save, exit and restart SambaPOS.

Hi John,

Forgive my ignorance here, does this mean that we are actually replacing our existing database?.

Or did you mean that this modification to the “connection string” is to be done only on the PC in the kitchen. If this should be the case how does the Kitchen database interact with the “Main” sambapos database that I have on the “Pos Server”

Again apologies if this is too trivial a question. Thank you in advance

The Kitchen Display setup is a replacement database. There is no way to merge databases.

still not working. but i have found a workaround. I moved my existing database out (sambapos4) in the directory and changed your Database name to ‘sambapos4’ and that works.

few thing to suggest, i am beginner for samba so still learning the automation part (rules etc) which i found the hardest to grab.

anyway, i tested your database (removed printers setting) and it works great.

there’s few thing that i not sure whether it’s possible

  1. the time on receipt showed on kitchen entity, it updated when i refresh it so i can’t track the age of the receipt
    2)on original pos to show the table screen, it will not update itself after the kitchen screen pressed order ready so basically you need a physical hint or refreshing the screen by yourself at interval time… is there a way to set auto refresh on table entity screen every 5 sec or something?


If the tables are not updating in real time, then you do not have SambaPOS Message Server running.

i see no wonder…will figure out how to get this running

this helped me to start the service

next thing is how do i fixed the time on the ticket under kitchen entity?

you need to edit the Kitchen Screen, and add {TIME} to the template in settings.

why there’s no response when i right click and choose all properties/settings/delete under kitchen screen?
no worries, finally find a way…need to left click outside the white border(which not working sometime, alternatively use the keyboard right click button) and enter design mode.

by the way you did include {TIME} already in the template. the issue is it get updated when the message server came in to current time

no worry, sorted use {LAST ORDER TIME}

Dear @JohnS, I followed the instructions to isntall the kitchen display example, but I get the horrible “CHECK DATABASE VERSION” error…

I am using 4.1.21

could you help me out please?



if u see previous comment, u need to download and use 4.1.17 version to run the database first then reinstall back ur current version

Just reinstall 4.1.21 to upgrade the database.
There is no need to roll back.

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Thanks!!! Reinstalling did the trick!!!

Silly question, is it possible for you to create a SAMBAPOS MARKET Add-on for this kitchen display? That would be AWESOME for a lot of people!!!



It’s not possible to merge in Rules & Actions without the risk breaking an existing setup.