Kitchen Display

I am now trying to install kitchen display and as you have provided and the links and forums I am not able to do it. I just want to display the kitchen order in another display in kitchen if it prepared for serving or not? It would be of great help if you help me to sort this out. Thanks in Advance…

Which tutorials did you try?

Did you tried this one?

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I have tried this one.

But in this there is no state named Display and the menu item group code is not getting reflected. should I add a new state named " display"? Pls help.Thanks in advance


I have tried this but not able to get the result. Am not
able to get menu group code by default and also the state…Should I try adding
a new state for Display?What about the menu item group code??why is it not
reflecting? Is there anything else to configure… Thanks in advance

Santy probably the solution is simple but it is really hard to understand the issue and the reason of it from that explanation. Can you please demonstrate issue in more detail by adding few screen shots?

Hi Emre,

I will attach the screen shots with reference to your guide.

Hope you understand the situation and pls help to sort this out.Thanks

I am not able to get the state or Menu Item Code by default . Should I add the “display state”?

Just type in the box what the tutorial says. It may not be a drop down.

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Have tried this but it is not reflecting as the given image in the tutorial.

Action parameter values will not appear in rule combo boxes. You have to type them manually.

This is what I get the output.

Can you pls tell me how to add this manually?

  1. Manually Type (with keyboard) state as [:Display State] on Update Order Display State action.
  2. Remove action from rule. Save rule, Add action again to make display state value appear.


As per Kendash I have done the same but no changes has reflected.

I have a doubt regarding the Menu Item.How can this identify the Bar and Kitchen items when new orders are there? Because in menu item group code bevarages and kitchen are not reflecting automatically. If we type it manually as per the guide there will be no changes reflected.

I think your confused. But your also not provoding us enough info to spot your confusion.

Let’s start over. Have you defined group codes for your products yet?

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Yes this has been done. I have been adding products to group code.

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Ok so show your rules that contain the action you showed us so we can see if you followed tutorial and typed it in correctly. Sometimes spelling or punctuation can make a difference.


I have attached the actions and rules as per guide. Please check if there is anything wrong? Thanks

Look at your rules… doesnt the action look different in each rule? Doesnt that mean you made changes but you did not refresh the action in one of them? It looks like your rule for Not Equals Beverages has an old action… you need to remove it save reopen rule add the new action and put the correct state in.

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