Kitchen food and garniture

Hello. There is currently a printer in the restaurant. If there are several different dishes but the garnish is the same, combine the garnishes. How do you set it to write the accompanying garnish after each meal?

Can you elaborate with example

Hazzarding a guess would imagine using order tags for garnish and wand an order tag summary?

The garnish is circled in the picture. However, because it brings them together, it is not after the food that comes with it that it is difficult to recognize in the kitchen. How can you solve to have the garnish requested for a given dish? And can you show me in which Settings menu can is Edit it?

Have a look at Order Tags. You can use them as Order modifiers

The problem is this. Imagine ordering a burger with a french fries and ordering a fried fish garnish with a french fries. Currently, however, he merges the two french fries so the paper has a double multiplier in front of it. I would need to write after a hamburger that you need to add french fries, as well as after the fried fish they write that french fries so the chef knows exactly which dish belongs to which garnish.

Thats exactly what you can achieve using Order Tags. They are quite versatile and is probably the best way to go.

You can use Order Tags to assign “Sides” to your meals and kitchen will know how to prepare it.

And where and how can I do this? Sorry but Im a beginner user? Can I find anywhere a step by step instruction?

Manage > Tickets > Order Tags

What should I rewrite there?

I have one more question. After the new order was entered into the program and the paper was printed and then the table was closed. But if we reopen that particular table but don’t change it, it reprints a piece of paper and does it as many times as we want.

Is that a question or is that how it works now?

this is how it works now. However, I only want to print new paper when I need to add a new item to the table, but for now, even if there is no change, it will print even if we close the table.

You will have to post screenshots of your Ticket Closing Rules.

Imagine taking an order. You print the accompanying paper. Next you open this table as well but there is no change and it prints the same paper again as before. But I only want you to print when something changes at the table.

Where Can I find that?

Manage > Automation > Rules > Ticket Closing Rule

I will send it very soon. Can I find somewhere a hungarian manual to the program?

There are multiple tutorials, questions and answers on how to do most of the things here on the forum or SambaPOS Knowledgebase – SambaPOS Documentation Site

That’s not default behaviour.
Default kitchen print is only new items, or are you pressing print bill?