Kitchen Printer HTML or ESC/POS

I’m just wondering what everyone is using for their kitchen printer type? I was ESC/POS on all printers, but just switched receipt printers over to HTML format.

I still have the kitchen printer in ESC/POS mode, but considering switching to HTML for formatting options. It seems with kitchen printers is less about looks and more about speed.

Just see what everyone else is doing.


I use html for a bigger cleaner font. To me it’s all about readability.

HTML for the win! Nicer fonts, better control over sizes in general.


Speed is really not a big deal with thermals. I prefer the cleaner easier to read tickets you can get with HTML. Much more control over font for less mistakes.

And you can do some killer takeout style tickets like this:


Thanks for sharing. I think I’ll make the switch as well.

What Printer model is that ? what to check when buy printer , i cant seeanything html support on printers

My really old Ithaca Itherm280s have no problem with HTML printing. In fact I haven’t had one that didn’t support it.

Almost all thermal printers support it.

Can you share this template