Kitchen printing: "Seperate print" but "merge same product with many quantity"

Hi, I would like to send order to kitchen seperately,
but if same product with many quantity I prefer to merge to print only one ticket

Example sending the order
2xchicken 1xpork

for what I want:
1st ticket: 2xchicken
2nd ticket: 1xpork

What I got for "Individual orders by quantity"
1st ticket: 2xchicken 1xpork

What I got for "Seperated prints by quantity"
1st ticket: 1xchicken
2nd ticket: 1xchicken
3rd ticket: 1xpork

My template

<div style="font-size:15px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'"><L00>โต๊ะ: {ENTITY NAME:Table}
<div style="font-size:10px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'"><L00>Date:{TICKET DATE} | Time:{TIME} | Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<L00>[='{ORDER STATE:RStatus}' == 'Reprint' ? '(ย้ำรายการ ปริ้นซ้ำ ! ! !)':' ']
<L00>ยกเลิก !!! (X) (X) (X)
-- Format for order tags

due to the forum Separate Prints by Quantity Sum - #18 by JTRTech
I haven’t found the solution yet

so I would be grateful if anyone kindly advice me for my preference
thank you

Not sure why any kitchen would want that set-up.
If you have different chefs for different sections of the kitchen they need to know what others are doing so they can send at the same time.
How can you ensure the chicken and duck are ready at the same time if the chef doing the duck doesn’t know about the chicken on the order?
If you have a ‘head’ chef telling other chefs what he wants cooking and for when then he needs to be able to quickly glance at the ticket and see what meals are with what and not have to also check the table numbers for each ticket.

Regardless to achieve what you want you may have to approach from a different angle and set-up rules and actions to print meals on different tickets as the default filters probably won’t cover your case.

Nope I don’t want chicken to print with pork
I would like chicken and pork seperately
but 2 chicken I don’t want it to seperate
because chicken chef would prepare both 2 chicken at the same time
and double printing of two same chicken order doesn’t seems the best for me

It’s like not sure if the ticket is double print because of “error” or “they really want 2 chicken”
printing 2xchicken is obvious that they have 2 to do.

Surly from what you have said it isn’t splitting per product? You don’t have a section for each and every product?
As said above its normal that different kitchen sections receive while tickets to help chefs sync there preparation, say a steak and a salad is ordered and preped in different sections you wouldn’t want the salad ready and sat to wilt while steak is cooked.
Although I didn’t do my idea for improvement of this was to highlight section products on the tickets going to the sections to make their orders bold and other sections orders not bold.

The splitting of orders like you described is typically used for things like labels like 1x 1x 1x printing to print label per order for say takeaway tubs.

Anyway, so to the question. Do you actually want to split every single order to tickets or are you over simplifying splitting to kitchen sections?

With something like this it is best to speak to the kitchen staff and ask them how they would like it printed.
If you work in the kitchen and what you are asking is what you want then yes it could be done just will take quite bit of mapping and rules to set up.
However if you are doing it because you ‘think’ it would work best for the kitchen but don’t actually work in there then as someone who does work in the kitchen from time to time I can tell you that this would be the last thing I would want.

The only circumstances I can see where this type of setup would work is a fast food environment where the products are prepared then sat in a hot holding area until everything is ready then taken to the customer.

JTRs idea of making the relevant products bold on each ticket so they stand out makes much more sense, however again would require some time to set-up.

For my restaurant we are accustomed to what I just mention above

we seperate pizza and kitchen printer – that works fine
but in kitchen there are salads, steak, pasta
We split ticket for every different type of food for the kitchen to send out that dish together with it’s ticket

but when it comes to 2xsame food for 1 table, it’s likely the chef will prepare them at same time
and send out 2 same dishes attach with one ticket to the waitress
if there are 2 ticket seperation for 2 same food for 1 table, chef will not be sure if the printer was error or may miss one ticket thinking like they already done that dish.

not sure if you understand my preference and did I answer your question (sorry I don’t understand your question)

These are surly sections rather than individual orders no?

If order was

2x pepperoni pizza
1x meat pizza
2x salad a
1x salad b
1x sirloin steak
1x ribeye steak

Survey you would want 3 tickets, one for each section rather than 5 tickets, 2 for 2 types of pizza, 2 for 2 types of salad and 2 for 2 types steak?
This is easily done with section based print jobs mapping products to sections. Even if printing to same printer, so long as it has a cutter, just 3 print jobs using same printer.

Or another example…
If it were
2x pizza a
2x pizza b
1x pizza c
1x pizza d

Surly this would be best as one pizza ticket for the pizza section rather than 4 seperate tickets for each type of pizza?

I have worked in hospitality for most of my life, and started I kitchen at moving through various levels before working out from and eventually in managment/admin.
Although havnt worked in many different kitchens have known many many chefs very well and been into many kitchens through epos work, and have never known a chef who would consider ticket per product as a good idea.

Understand your comment about not wanting 2x to print as 1x and 1x, thats absolutely not the way to go but really think splitting on lines as you described is less than ideal, even if that’s what you might be used to. To me more tickets will only increase chances of mistakes, delays between dishes etc. Even if your the type of place that just sends dishes out as they are ready rather than whole courses together. Can’t think of a senario where it’s preferable not to send out one tables course dishes as close to each other as posible. Can’t think of anything worse than either being the only one at a table with a meal in front of me and eating while others wait or other way round being the person without a meal while others either eat and finnish before you even start or worse don’t start untill you get your dish which at least from my upbringing is the correct thing to do, shouldn’t start eating till everyone at table is served.

yes I would like 6 tickets from your 1st example , 2 for 2 types of pizza, 2 for 2 types of salad and 2 for 2 types steak

some food in different country has different ways to serve, for example, sharing food, so we don’t have to wait for every single dish to be finish at the same time, just first finish, first out