License fees and discount for v5

Continuing the discussion from SambaPos V5 License costing $ 99 - $ 245?:

I read some where that if you paid for the modules then you can get a discount for upgrading to v5

I bought all the modules so I was wondering where to go to pay for the discounted license and how much would it cost ?
We in process of deploying v4 but since v5 is out we will consider upgrading and taking advantage of all the new features

I don’t recall a discount mentioned. You are not just paying for modules, you are getting new modules, Twitter,Custom Printers plus the previous paid modules and a very large amount of new capabilities. The new capabilities alone are worth the price.

The price is $99 right now not $245.

I remember @emre mentioning if you had recently purchased V4 modules and have now upgraded to V5 he would see if he could refund you something, you would need to contact @emre directly about this though this isnt a standard thing that is setup. Someone asked about it having just paid for V4 modules before upgrading to V5 and they felt it was unfair and that they were paying for some of the same features twice

Your not paying for same features twice. The worth of v5 is in its features not available in v4. Those features are huge.

V5 license fee is not just for previous modules. You get those still. The license gives you access to a tremendously new program that can do so much more than v4.

You will see in next few months as we keep adding tutorials just how much more it can do. If you see that and feel that is not compelling enough to purchase a license then it’s my opinion you can still use v4. Your money spent on those modules is not a waste either way.

How would one go about getting multiple licenses? I have only been working with SambaPOS for a couple of weeks now and am so amazed at how easy it was to learn to implement. I want my customers to have v5 and am wondering if I have to setup accounts for each client or if I might be able to buy in bulk?

The way things are going I might soon be able to do 5 or 6 site installs a month…So volume is a good option for me.

I think he’s working on a way to do that but I’m pretty sure right now you need an account for each site

PM @emre to discuss volume discounts.

Hello @Theseus. We have plans to offer discounted prices for our official partners when sold with hardware and local support. However V5 licensing is too new for now and we’re working to shape our partnership offers. Until that we’ll keep going with fixed price for a while.

You can create separate sambamarket accounts for each license but you can use same e-mail address for all accounts you create.

If you didn’t do it before please register from url so you won’t miss updates regarding partnership.


Thank you, Emre.

I am not as concerned with a discount, your software is way under priced for what it does and none of my customers baulked at the cost. Already I was implementing systems for a quarter the price of my competition as they all require hardware purchases at a huge markup.

And the ability to scale tablets into the system is a huge upsell, especially for a crowded place like Hong Kong. I will certainly sign up for the partnership and see what happens down the road.

Until then I’ll just license one-by-one. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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