License problem


Sambapos giving trouble with the license even i cleared the license key. its still saying unregistered trial.
I have b2b portal for the reseller.

I believe there are some issues with clearing license on B2B portal.

Go to and login with the B2B customer account there, it will work and you can then clear the license key that way.

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actually i did already i login cutomer account from samba market but activate button not getting active.
when i login and press install activate button not active.

solved the issue!
thanks for the quick resonse.

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We have been having the same issue for the last 2 days.

Did you try instead of

i am having the same same problem here. I bought my licence 3 days ago but and it have been working okay ,but today the computer started indicating that am using un-registered copy.

what website did you try?
that is the link shivan

Yeah I faced the same problem but after clearing license keys its working fine.
But the question is why its happening I done complete the installation. My customer have a big grocery and if this thing happening then I have to go back and clear license keys.
Its not good for my company and sambapos it’s raising questions on the reliability of sambapos.
@QMcKay could please guide us what’s happening?

how do i go about clearing the licence keys,please let me know

Sorry, I have no idea.

I don’t work for SambaPOS and have no insight into their operations or any issues that you might be experiencing with licensing.

I have 3 v5 installs I directly admin and not had any issues like this. Also another half dozen clients using v5 and have not heared of issues.
With to me suggests it’s something specific with your setup.
I don’t know the answer but it’s not effecting all users which to me sujests it’s not a sambamarket issue.
B2b does have an issue with clearing the key but that wouldn’t cause the licence to drop out.

You can also login remotely and resolve it. Or you can also give the customer the login details to sambamarket…

@Shivan the Samba Market website did the trick for me. Just got it all working

Everytime i buy samba licence for a client ,i use different login details in the sambamarket. to a point that i have lost some of details i used to login and purchase my first licence.What i am asking is whether their a specific way to view all these licence under the same account

@muthoga dont u have a reseller account?

nope,i would like to have one,kindly let me know the due process to follow

Please let me know how i am supposed to handle this issue regarding the licence, i have cleared the licence keys on the samba market account,then un-installed the licence on the server.
Now am trying to install it but its not working,i am frying to click on POS but am getting an icon that their is no valid licence

all my terminals are not working,plus my licence was deactivated