Limit No of Gift Items Per Ticket Based on Person Count(Covers)

Hi All,

Is there a way to Limit total no of Gift Items per Ticket based on No of Person Counts or Covers ?

For Ex: I want to set limit of No of Gift Items like One Gift Item per 2 Pax(Covers) per Ticket.
For Every Two people at the table one item is allowed to be gifted, if there are three then also 1 Item, if 5 then Two items.

It would be of Great help.

Is possibly but likely need come carefully constraints.
You’ll need a report type expression to count gift order qty.
To be covered you’ll also want the select order qty and obviously the covers count which would depend on what your doing to log that.
Constraint would want to be something like

Orders count of gift + selected order qty < covers number / 2

This will check that there is enough gift qty available for the select qty of orders to be gifted. You shouldn’t need to round as 5 covers would give 2.5 and as order qty would be whole numbers unless your doing something querky meaning 2 would meet constraint and 3 would be larger than covers / 2

Hmm this would work on my limit of 3x 50% BLC too I presume?

Sure why not LOL.
It should be doable - just need some carefully constraints.
Personally I would split the rule using action constraints so as to display message with reason for preventing if there are too many gifts.

I dont have much idea where to start and what needs to be done. Could anyone of you help set this up ?

And to answer your earlier question, i am using this method to count no of persons on table – Tracking Number of Persons

You can setup a constraint for Gift Rule like that.

This part of the constraint reads the total quantity of gifts.

{ORDER DETAILS:O.Quantity.Sum:(OS.GStatus=Gift)}

This one calculates the Max Gift items depending on Person Count. It divides person count to 2 and rounds it to smallest integer.

[=Math.floor({TICKET TAG:Person Count}/2)]

So the gift rule will work as long as total gift quantity is less than max gift items.