List Selection for specific Prouduct?

Hi there, I am wondering if someone can help me out regarding products.

I am currently in the process of putting an Indian cuisine menu on, but they have a selection of chicken, lamb or prawn for a specific type of dish. So for example instead of make 3 different products which are the same dish, is there not an easier way of having a choice prompt or something of similar which gives you the selection of Chicken, lamb or prawn?

Thank you


Either portion or order tags, each have different pros and cons.
I used portions in thia restaurant last year but tags either is a valid option. Pricing structure may have an impact as portions would be set per product but with tags you have base product price and tags are either just tags or price addons so if there is a price difference between meet choice and the difference is not the same accross the products portions might be more applicable.

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The problem is that you would have to click on the ticket for the selection which is bad when its in a busy environment,
Is there not a way where you can make another sub category, such as for example if I selected curries then a sub heading saying what kind of curry such as bhuna, masala or Balti then after that another sub heading saying the choice of meat with the price on? This is easier in my opinion because you don’t have to move from one screen level to another but rather everything is in one screen.

Read the entire tutorial. It explains how to set auto select.