Login Name screen rather than a PIN login


Any chance for future update allowing to add another (custom) screen rather than a pin login. It will make is a lot easy for multiple orders from different users. i don’t want to have to log out then log back in with another user




You can automate and build that yourself. I did something similar with my custom time clock tutorial. Its not easy and would be complex setup but it is 100% doable. However I dont see how that would be easier… The speed of typing a few numbers and it goes directly to the order screen is hard to beat.

If you want your users to go directly to the order taking screen and bypass menu then disable the Can Enter Navigation Screen portion in the user permissions.

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If your not doing some form of login how will this show anything other than that?
You don’t want to login/out but without some form of user interaction how will you know who’s using?


It’s easy for me to use the staff name then pin number cause if they decided to help each other it’s messy remembering each other pin. My customer (Nail Salon) is using this other POS system that can add another user to there ticket/order, making it hard for me to introducing Samba for them.

When click on Change Staff button it sends me back to that screen but it won’t change the submit name until i log out then log in another user


And that screen is doing what? Changing staff entity?


before i was using that screen to replace the pin login. number 1 mean staff A(andy) number 2 means staff B (bob). But since the salons requested staff A and B shared a service together can i print both names on one receipt instead of print to separate receipt. This leads back to my problem in the past-
Multiple users on one service report
which now has been solve but the issue now is the loging in. To many steps i like to hit change staff (add another staff) then select from my screen instead of log out then log in to many steps.
ill take a screen shot of this other software tomorrow.


Logout = change user button, swipe card or Friday is login, same number of steps lol.
Either way my question stands, what is that screen doing? Changing a staff entity?
Not sure how that helps with reports without info on what you have setup.
You should be able to tag order with staff number either in tag or state but the normal user bit will walwaya be there.


that screen use to be tables i renamed it and change the layout. Yes swipe card or bar-code is another option but what if staff loses there card what if one staff busy doing a service and asking another person to get the money. I know the software is design for a restaurant but its almost there to be use for any type of business.


So you would need to switch from users to entities for employees. You can assign multiple entities to tickets.


Do you have a sample or a link ?