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I know this has come up a few times but wanted to bring it up in a fresh topic after seeing another reason a login user would be useful - auto login for kitchen screen.
I know there are 3rd party solutions to that one.

My reason for wanting something was a previously discussed idea for switch user without logout first - using RFID fobs.
although a login user action alone would not solve my request…

I would look to expand the hold ticket/switch user combo into a rule along these lines;

Rule for NUMBERPAD value entered with a constraint (would need new tag of something like {VAIDUSERPIN} which would check the number pad value is a valid user pin.

The rule would execute an automation command for hold ticket/switch user rule then a ‘fastswitch command’ carrying a command value of the NUMBERPAD (pin) number.

That automation command triggers a rule which logs user in using the command value of the pin.

The action would need to support PIN as a field.

If an action like this were continplated I would imagine fields of ‘User’ and ‘Pin’ or a User/Pin field and an option field to specify if the value is a PIN or a User name.

Am expecting this to be a controversial request with the sugestion of entity based users (kendash :-p) understandably coming up again but as I said I like to use the users setup already in place for reasons previously discussed.
However this action could solve additional requests including a native auto login possibility triggered by application start.

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@emre id also like to request a login user action, this would help to automate the switch user setup better. Currently switch user will log the current user out, but the new user will then need to login.

If we had an action to automate login straight away the process would be seamless. I originally used an auto command button to initiate switch user, but now i have it set so when the new user swipes their card it will log out current user, but the new user will then need to swipe their card again to login back in.

Example - Current user is rick

New user swipes their card or keys in their number

Samba logs out, but at this point we need the login user action to use the number from the staff card/keyed in to initiate the logout then imediately log back in

currently we need to swipe/key in the number again from the main login screen to log in the new user, this is the part we need to automate with a login user action

New user Kay is now logged in


@RickH do you use numberpad for other features? Is it validating that the number entered is another users pin or just any number will log them out?

yea i use numberpad for discount voucher codes, customer numbers, staff employee numbers, each one is a different length so they dont get ‘confused’ with each other.

my employees are entites so i have a custom field for employee number and its that number that when entered initiates the switch user setup and assigns that staff member to the new ticket

in my case the staff numbers are 7 digits long, and you can only enter a valid number from a staff entity for it to work, typing any 7 digit number will not work unless its assigned to an entity

EDIT actually i lie! entering any 7 digit number does log out, so i need to add a fix for that

If they are entities why do you need to completely logout?

Length is fair shout, was wondering how you would differentiate a pin from another number but length is the key :wink:

So user pin and entity employee number is the same number?

yep user pin and employee entity staff number are the same, i have to completely log out as the current open ticket assigned to one member of staff needs to close and samba log out so a new member of staff can log in and have a new ticket assigned to them. when the original member of staff logs back in the ticket they were working on opens

ok, one of my needs was a way to validate that the swipe number/pin was a pin from a setup user. but length will suffice as if it wasnt a valid pin once logged out it wouldnt log back in and they would have to swipe a rfid to login anyway so security wise all a wrong number would do is logout the system anyway.

yea im trying to add a constraint so that logout will only work if the number entered is a valid employee number from the entity field. this is the switch user rule, ive tried adding a constraint for {ENTITY DATA:Staff:Employee Number} is equal to number pad value entered but that breaks the switch rule, any ideas?

Would that work though? Surely its checking against the current staff member…
If you use pin of curent user does it logout?

That’s what I was thinking is I didn’t know how to validate against a value possible from multiple users,entities etc. which is why i though it could maybe need something specific like;

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Here are a few more good reasons to have this 1 new feature added:

  • the user system already exists, and it’s permission system suffices for most people
  • systems which have no input device (kitchen display without touchscreen, keyboard, mouse) really need a method to get past the login screen; we automate the Login on Application Started Event.
  • Entity-based login system could be expanded to bypass initial login screen, and you go on your own way setting up your own permission system based on Entity data.
  • self-service devices: a tablet on a table should not be required to login; instead, we automate the Login on Application Started Event.
  • kiosk-mode: same as above really

I hope this is something @emre can add, as like younsaid above there are some good uses and it would mean not having to rework implementations people already have to get an auto login feature :slight_smile:

Just want to bump this in to the thought process of future development.
Know emre has been resistant to it in past for expectation of further features requested as result but hoping that maybe the V6 dev might lend itself to the possibility.
I know there is the debate on user vs entity setup but imagining maybe v6 will see some new options.
I like the user setup for RFID etc for one although am yet to try the entity screen login posted last week.

Things I hope to one day have is switch user by login over existing user.
Ie User 1 loges in, started ticket, User 2 swipes, numberpad read as second user so User 1 ticket put on hold and logged out and user 2 logged in.


@emre have you had any change of heart in regards login user action?

No didn’t changed something. Doesn’t it work?

There isn’t a login user action ;-), thats what I was asking, you previously showed concern about its uses and leading to more requests. Was asking if you might have had a change of heart and consider reevaluating adding a login user action.
Haven’t seen any mention in updates or in signs .60 unless I missed something.

What event would you use for it? There is really only a single event to use… How would you automate it?

My main thing I’d like to do would be expanding switch user to be just swipe and switch user initiated, and second user logged in. Not a game changer but think a nice setup.
Q & RichH had their own ideas also;
auto login on kitchen display & customer terminals
auto login for use with entity user setups

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