Lost sales data as U Hard closed the SambaPOS

I am using using SambaPOS 4.1 on my laptop for billing…Today while I was connected to internet …some malware popped up due to which the whole system got hanged, and to take print of the Invoice I Hard Closed SamabaPOS from task manager … when I reopened it I lost all the sales records for today ( 7th June) and some part of yesterday ( 6th June) …there are no tickets no accounts …
Is there any way to recover all these lost entries ?


I don’t understand how this could happen. Tickets and Transactions are store in the DB as soon as you Close or Settle the Ticket. They certainly are not “cached in memory” over a 2-day period.

Check Accounts > Transactions for the “missing” sales. If they are not there, then you must have inadvertently restored a DB backup from yesterday.

I don’t know
Everyday I close previous work period and start a new one … I did the same today … and till 10:00 PM I had everything working fine … but than this system hang happened and I lost the data…
Now I checked the Transaction …even there transactions are missing …
Anything else that can be done now to retrieve the lost transactions ?

double click the sambapos icon in upper left of manage to minimize it to a window. On the top title bar it will say CE,SQ OR TXT what does yours say?

It Says CE " SambaPOS 4 [app 4.1.82] [08/12/2014 01:00:00] [DB:78:78] CE "

CE is compact edition, don’t know if there will be many suggestions as is limited in comparison to SQL which is a much better solution.
In early days I was using CE and somehow manage to corrupt the database, samba wouldn’t even open, would just crash, ended up having to start fresh. Switched to SQL and never looked back.
Would highly recommend you switch over to SQL when you get chance, you can convert CE to SQL, there is a tutorial on here somewhere.

So you mean … there is no way I can get my lost data back ? :frowning:

I cant confirm either way unfortunately - have not been in your exact situation.
Main point I was making is I would upgrade to SQL and not use CE

Thats one suggestion that I would surely try but for now most imp thing is to get back the data … I hope there should be some solution as I didnt wipe out anything

Its allot harder to work with CE directly compared to SQL.
If the transactions aren’t showing in samba you might be out of luck.
Did you loose everything or just that days?

Just one and half days … I have lost half the transaction or 6th June and full data loss of 7th June
not only transaction but one customer account that I had created on 7th evening that too is missing

everything before 6th June is intact

Half a day? Very odd!
As kendash said the transactions should be submitted to the database on ticket close.
Just a stab in the dark but look in your SambaPOS folder in my docs, with CE the database file would be in there, check and see if there is more than one file.

Chalk it up to a loss and a lesson learned.
Upgrade to SQL.
Get a good anti-virus solution - I use Avast Free.
Stay off the internet on your POS server.

Download a CE Query tool. Something like Compact Toolbox.
Open the AccountTransactions table, and look for Dates in that table that correspond to the missing data. If there is no data rows for the dates in question, your data is gone. You cannot get back what isn’t there. There is no recycle bin.

Look for a DB backup on your computer. For CE, this will be an SDF file. Maybe you configured SambaPOS to create a backup on WP Ending. Maybe your data is there. Maybe you are running with a truncated DB.

There are indeed two files but I guess one is of the database that I use for trial …

You wouldn’t have jumped between them by mistake without realising would you?

No I have done nothing except Hard Closing the POS session through Task Manager

I have Compact Toolbox and this is how the database tables looks like this …where exactly I can locate the transaction ?

Look for the option to Create a New Query.
Type this in and execute it:

SELECT * FROM AccountTransactionValues

Scroll to the bottom of the record set to find your dates.

Alternatively, try a constraint to limit results:

SELECT * FROM AccountTransactionValues WHERE [Date] > '2015-06-05'

I tried SELECT * FROM AccountTransactionValues WHERE [Date] > ‘2015-06-05’

it shows the same transactions that are reflects under SAMBAPOS>Manage>Account>Transactions

If they are not in the DB, there is no way to get them back AFAIK.