Loyalty points system tutorial

hello all,

any one got a tutorial for Loyalty points system and samba cards for v5?



There are several on the forum. Have you not searched?

no, i did, all topics missing steps and really confusing

Several for you to look at and all of these are complete with great examples:

dos this work for v5

@Jesse dos this work for v5

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Yes it will, v5 can do what V4 does and much much more

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Dear @Jesse
I followed both example its, not examples Loyalty points system it’s like accounts and balance, I need something like costa and coffee nero Tesco M&S and any cafe, every 1£ you spend you earn 2 points after you collect 30 points you can get pizza or anything cost £6 for example.

Recently posted a run through video tutorial on my points based system.
Search the forum for 4K with VoiceOver and you should see several of my video tutorials including a points based loyalty system.

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