Magnetic Card (select customer)

help, how can I select customer with magnetic card, the ticket screen without clicking the button, select customer? in three steps

First Step: None selected customer

Step Two: Passing cards or magnetic bar cod

Step Three: Client successfully selected

Como posso configurar para trabalhar com esses tres passos sem trocar para tela de cliente?

Desculpa por repetir o topico, meu ingles nao e muito bom. Tanks

Can you provide a sample data string from a magnetic card you want to use.
Just open notepad, swipe the card and post the notepad results. This will make it easier to answer your question.

hello, jonh sorry for not having posted the longer the magnetic password, there will 41130153343, is there any way to make this right setup?

Hey John - hope you are well!

Did you have a solution for Gidy? We exclusively use Swipe Mag readers here in Aust and I can offer more information on the types of output? I think according to emre you will be full bottle anyway…

I too would be very interested if there is a solution to this.

Ideally I suppose it would work similarly to the caller ID feature, with a rule handling the Device Event Generated to select the correct entity.

Hi CD - its actually a bit more easy than that. The Mag reader is just a Keyboard Wedge so it acts as if you are typing in the characters.

The POS systems I have used before allow you to search on “say” customer number (unique) or a customer ID (may change). Typically we use a 10 digit customer number.

The trick to fire the search is how do you tell SambaPOS the next 10 digits is a customer number you wish to search immediately for?
What we do in other POS’s is prcede the 10 digit number with a special character say “%” or “~” THEREFORE all SambaPOS needs to do is when waiting for the next transaction IF the first keyboard character is a “%” call the search function and look for the next 10 digit Customer ID.

Using a “%” would just be the same as programming a function key to do a search and asking for a 10 digit number.

I hope this explains how they work?

This should be possible now. I tested it with a Change Ticket Entity action and using NumberPadValue. It worked great. I typed the Customer Custom Field number into the numberpad and it brought up the customer and added it to ticket. I will post some screenshots in a bit. The magreader would populate the numberpad column for you.

PS: Mine says To Go because I am testing something else but yours would read Customer:

This is a crude example it can be tweaked to your taste.

So basically in summary you would program it to output numberpad values. And tell Samba what to do with the Numberpad values. In this case change ticket entity.

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@Jesse is correct. This can be done today, and has been a feature of SambaPOS since v2. It handles mag cards and barcode scanners in similar fashion. The swipe/scan produces Alpha-numeric output that is easily captured by SambaPOS and used to perform a search for Customer Entities or Products, or whatever.

Device event generated is not necessary in these cases - this is how these readers work, and they need not be just numeric; characters can be used as well:

Thanks QMcKay & kendash - thats perfect and what I needed to know. I will just wait to see if something can be done about the multiple customer accounts (Wallets) before leaping in!
But lining up on the “starters line”…

I just gave it a try as well, and that was easy enough:

You need two actions:

and one rule:

The constraint in the rule can be changed for whatever kind of number is in your card.
My cards have 5-digit numbers, therefore the constraint is: Numberpad Value - length equals - 5.

Here’s the export-file:
automatic swipe select (735 Bytes)

As soon as I click on the numberpad and then swipe my card, it will automatically associate the customer to the ticket (because the swiping enters a 5-digit number in the numberpad, followed by an ENTER). Alternatively, I can also enter the number manually. Then I will have to click on the checkmark next to the numberpad entry field.

Swipe the card…

OMG. Hard refresh ticket? This action spreads like a virus lol. @pipo leaving Ticket ID as 0 should correctly refresh ticket. Please let me know if it does not.

Passing ticket Id to Display ticket action will cause close active ticket and re-open it. That will execute kitchen prints and may cause other unexpected triggers. We should never need hard refresh…


Ok, I didn’t think about that. Tested it with the normal Refresh ticket and that works too…
I just updated the post to include the correct action…

I just noticed there’s no need to first click on the numberpad. Just swiping does it too…


Thank you all for effective responses, all methods used here were very useful for me, not tire of posting more alternatives and methods. thank you


Hello all, I need some tips on how to add funds to the card magnetic.

I will detail how I want it to be my configuration in 8 step
have a bar that doubles as night club the weekend, need to control the sale of Drunk as follows

1- The customer pays the entry worth $ 20 with right to 2 drinks

2- The official of the box makes the delivery of a magnetic card already with two drinks included for the customer

3- The client dirije to the bar balcony and delivers the magnetic card to the bar civil servant and then asks the 2 drinks desired

4- The bar civil servant passes the magnetic card to the system and the system displays the 2 card drinks and then make payment of 2 drinks, leaving the card without more drinks available

5-The civil servant returns the card to the customer

6- if the customer wishes more drinks will have to go to the civil servant box again and make the delivery of money to reload the card with more drinks

7- The official of the box receives the money and add value in drinks and returns to the client

8- The client receives the card and will go again to the bar and civil servant receives the drinks added to the card