Major Issue with Online License Check - Systems Offline

Hello everyone
I am not sure if I selected the correct category but I have to bring it to your attention that the Mobile Client software requires an internet connection to validate licenses during log on. (We knew this, it is mentioned various places on the forum)

It is however, a very big problem if internet goes down. In South Africa, we have the wonderful thing called Load Shedding of electricity. Read about it online… All communications are down and internet included.

We are still open for business, but my tablets go offline, and so my processes must switch over to manual paper in an instant. This cause a lot of delays, and we cannot continue using POS when we have 120 people sitting down for lunch in a 1 and a half hour period.

May I request that the developers add a license check only once a day or something like that, I mean, licenses are paid for in advance, correct? So why should it be checked every time?

Just asking. And pleading.

It’s a reasonable request. Honestly I think Sambapos should validate all licenses and the mobile client can check over local network instead of internet. I don’t understand the need to check license constantly. @VehbiEmiroglu can you comment on this? I feel it’s a legitimate issue.

Yes now Mobile Clients control licence over internet every time when you see an entity screen. We made this to control licences correctly and and licencing to user not device. Our mobile client licences are not per device its per user. So we must count users correctly.
But we got this issues. So we are developing a new licence control system for offline users.


That makes sense thank you for that explanation.

Thank you. This will really help us. Even if you encrypt the license information locally in the server database and only refresh that server data every now and then, it will be great. Today we were totally manual and this was ugly LOL


Thanks for your information.

Just FYI this doesn’t match your description on licence in store.


Since only 1 v5 licence can be applier per account/database and tablets are connected to that database would it not be logical to have it limit app connections to message server rather than on login/use of app each time?

Oh yes. Thanks for warning we must change this description. Its not clear for understanding. You can buy 2 licence for 10 device. But only 2 works together. Others give licence error.

Personally u would say per user is no better way to describe.

I would say it should read ‘licence per symiltanious connection’

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Yes thats true. It 's our mistake. Excuse us.

In all reality what it’s doing is making it so only one Android or apple device works per license. I think they worded it ok, how it accomplishes that doesn’t matter honestly. I’m glad your working on an offline solution though.

Is the system totally unworkable if licenses for Mobile App does not get validated! Was it not possible to take orders on a the server directly even?

I am planning migration to V5 from V4 and have already bought licenses for SambaPOS V5 and Mobile APP and am going to use at least 6 -8 Mobile APPS. It is very risky to go ahead like this.

Samba POS Team please elaborate the consequence.

Did we get an IOS app in the end then?

The system works fine but mobile clients need internet access to authenticate.

What i was told that Mobile client doesn’t need internet all the time. Client set up modem with wifi only for mobile client to connect. The problem is is blocked for no reason at my place. So mobile cilents cant check the license. Once in month or 2month license just deactivates on devices. So client has to use vpn app , then signs in in mobile devices.

It would be great if mobile client could check license offline.


I think they are working on a method for that. I dont know if it will be 100% offline but I am sure they will work on something.

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I’m on V5. I only use one mobile device, an Android tablet. We are not busy now; the season hasn’t started. I have a “Loading” error or “table edited by another user” every night. I have to reboot the tablet and reenter the customer’s order, boring and, of course, embarrassing to ask the customer to repeat his order.

Nizamettin Seyhun says This situation ‘’ this table has been altered on another’’ happens when you try to open same table from both SambaPOS and from Mobile Device.

So don’t look at a table from your PC. Great.

“Loading” issue could be caused by your internet connection since it might be slowed down temporarily.

I’m not satisfied with that explanation. Is it because everytime we use the tablet, the system is surfing to Samb HQ to see if the licence is valid? Maybe change the validation? Maybe we should use Bluetooth? Or the LAN? I didn’t know my customer’s orders were going to the world wide web before they arrive in the kitchen.

It will be wonderful when it is sorted, for now I’ll write the orders on paper and input them on the pc.

No they do not go to the web. It’s powered by message server and your network. The way it works is very efficient and it works flawlessly in most restaurants it is deployed in. You can’t open a table on a terminal and then try to access that same table on the app. Loading issue is likely your network.

Some cheap tablets have really bad wifi modems.

How bizarre Nizamettin blamed the internet connection. Thanks for your advice, don’t use the terminal until the customer wants to settle; is that right?

I’m using an ASUS tablet, is that a bad one?