Major Issue with Online License Check - Systems Offline

Yes we done it. Just testing now. If you want to test please send a PM to me.

This function will come with 5.2.24 Release. But if you dont want to wait (i think 1 week or 10 days for completing all tasks) i will send you 5.2.23 Beta Release for using this.

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Good morning, it’s been 22days since your post that the new version will be released to solve the license issue. The other day when your server was offline, we struggled immensely. Please will you give us an exact release date to expect this change?

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Did you not wish to try the beta? You seem to be in dire need. Beta was released some time ago. It will be released once they are happy with it. Please be patient.

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@adriaanrosecottage Beta version v5.2.23 already has the online license check issue resolved, I have used it on 3 live setups and it works fine. Make sure you use latest Android app version v2.0.45 (you can update via Google Play store).

If you want to try this now, this is the way you can.

:warning: However please note there is a known issue with latest beta v5.2.23 related to some on screen keyboards not working with touchscreen. This will be resolved in a later beta release or release version v5.2.24. So I do not recommended to install beta v5.2.23 on a production setup unless you always have a keyboard connected.


Online license check issue solved with new version.


This is not working. License Not Found again this morning on the android client.
We have load shedding in South Africa of electricity, and our internet and cell towers goes off regularly and this morning again No license found.
I am so upset because i have to fall back to paper, it is such a simple problem to solve and yet it seems you cannot get it right 100%. My customers in including myself pay for licenses and yet, we suffer like this. It is not acceptable.

Did you update the device? Did you change anything? Give us some details to help figure it out.

We understand we will try to find a solution. I really wouldn’t say your suffering. It’s a choice to use the software and the SambaPOS team goes out of their way to try and solve most needs people have. Please be patient and help us figure it out.

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Which SambaPOS version do you use now ?

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Hello, do the workstations also write “Unregistred Trial” or are only the mobile clients not working?

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I think this is a licence dropping issue.

By the way in Africa, we don’t constant good fast and free internet like places in America, and so this is the issue, we have intermittent internet here.

Current version is

I assure you we are not thieves. We need to figure out a solution for you. Vaguely referencing us as thieves certainly doesn’t help the situation. So is it dropping license every single time? Or is it random?

The license is yearly reoccurring so it would need to check the internet periodically at least once a year. Perhaps it did the yearly check?

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I could have seen there was an email about android app not needing internet connectivity anymore…
Have you updated the android app?


It will need to check at least once a year to keep the license active as its not a one time payment it is once a year. I am curious if this is what happened as it is now a new year and he first report this about a year ago.

@adriaanrosecottage can you please reactivate it and let us know if it deactivates again. License is 1 year so this could have been the yearly check for license. I wonder if license expired. Please check your CP to see if license needs renewed.

I agree there should be an in app warning if it is time to check license or if it is close to renew time. I do think it emails you when its close to time to renew though.

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It is okay, you and I will not be able to see the same thing, Africa is different my friend, way different our challenges on systems are way more challenging.

By “thief centric” i mean the developers seem to be so afraid their app will be stolen, they seem to forget that the paying customers will be affected negatively by their code-logic and decision cubes to prevent theft, so much the paying customers are hit hard and almost treated the same way, so just to correct you; I never said SambaPOS are thieves. But left there, let me keep it from this point forward professional. I apologise.

To answer your question, Yes, i have checked the licenses. yes, they are still valid, and Yes, i clear them and reactivate each time i get this error, but the flow of getting it reactivated is never the same. The licenses dropping is each time internet dropped.

i recreate the error by simply plugging out the internet, waiting a few minutes and then trying to log on to the samba android client it reads license not found. then i uninstall on the sambapos desktop, log out of the account in the market place, then close samba. i then reopen, see unregistered, log on, go to marketplace, log on there, install license, log off, log in, click activate and HOPEFULLY on the first try this reactivates. And this part, I can only do with active internet connection. So sadly, I have to wait and hour or two until our electricity blackouts are over. Meaning I lose an entire hour sometimes three hours of POS.

My recommendation are this: DON"T LOCK YOUR CUSTOMERS OUT OF THE SYSTEM ON THE FIRST TWO ATTEMPTS TO CHECK YOUR LICENSE, THIS IS WHEN IT IS CRITICAL! Rather warn the customer to connect to internet within 24 hours, and if the 24hours expired, then lock the customer out, this way it allows customers time to at least get orders finalised during the day, and it is much friendlier way of treating paying customers.

@JTRTech yes, there was an email to say it was solved, and I did all the steps they mentioned in the doc’s each time several times, but i am still getting this issue.

I understand. Your different. You lose power all the time. We have a license program that works. But the mobile client still needs some testing without a license it appears. They will find a solution. You come on here so hostile towards it. They want you to be happy and will find a way. Why so hostile towards it though?

Vehbi will test it again and work on a fix I’m sure. @vehbi any ideas?

We tested again and again but we will check and will take a video for @adriaanrosecottage