Make start day cash balance

I am new in sambsPOS,
my question is how to make start day cash balance

Decide on float amount, count cash to that value, insert in till :wink:
Lol sorry couldn’t help myself, please explain, no one can help if they don’t understand the question.
Guessing your trying to make a cash up screen like screenshots seen on the forum?

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i mean if i start my day work and i have 100 $ cach in my drawer, i want to register that as start day cash money balance

Simplest way is to create Account for the opening balance(Float) and create Appropriate Account Transaction and Account Documents to move money into and out of it.

This tutorial should give you an idea. Its not exactly what you want but the idea is the same and how to create accounts and documents etc is demonstrated well.

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thanks i see that tutorial before , its very useful, but not what exactly i want

I have never seen the need for accounting for till float, when cashing up the first thing you do is count out the float and what is left is the money takings, if you account for it you just have to ‘un’ account for it - well reverse that at end of day else your cash banking will be up.

It is useful for when your Float is not the “regular” set amount for a typical day. For example, you didn’t have enough 1’s or 5’s to start the day, so you are short to begin with. You need to account for this when you cash-out obviously, and without writing it down a piece of paper, you have no idea. So you have am entry at the start of the day…

Um, already said that.

The simplest method is to use what is described in the linked Topic and change it to suit your needs.

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Wow! Your print is awesome, do you have some tutorial to do that? Thank you very much in advance!