Making samba pos better through interface

Hi team,
sambapos has proven to be an outstanding hotel pos software’s with a dedicated lead team and supportive members.However i feel if we achieve various requirements which clients constantly keep on demanding then we can have a vibrant product.

In short their are 3 major requirements that are needed to make sambapos a complete product in hospitality industry.I think we need to come up with Accounts interface ,Inventory module(online), Hotel management interface(offline and online).etc

I have read through the forum and i know their is an interface done with newbook pmi, we need also to consider an offline software maybe like KWhotel,which has both version of online and offline.This is what majority of forum members are asking for.

The same should also be done with accounting software and inventory so that we have all round product.I know their is an interface done for inventory but it was too shallow

It was me that did the NewBook PMS integration.
I think you are missing a key factor in that I did that myself, its not a SambaPOS feature in itself.

The reason that online systems are going to be more popular is they generally are more likely to have an API etc.

Its fair enough requesting for an integration but you have to understand a few points.

  • it took me many many hors to make integration for NewBook, and you are the only person I have ever heard mention this software… do you think someone if going to spend hours making a solution just for you? Maybe post an add on the forum.
  • You say [quote=“muthoga, post:1, topic:10403”]
    This is what majority of forum members are asking for.

Which just isn’t correct, I have read pretty much every post on the forum from the last 12 months and I can only recall one or two posts about other PMS system which was queensbourough Qbook.

Accounting software has been mentioned a few times more but not by the majority of the forum members.

Anyway… the point of SambaPOS is that is is created in a way which allows us to create our own integrations. Other softwares you are dependent on the creator as to what software/services the system will work with/intergrate with. Where as with SambaPOS we have the power to create our own meaning rather than it just being the big integrations if you use some more obscure software you cn make your own integration.

The key point is the other software has to be OPEN TO RECEIVE integrations, if they do not have an API or any Integration Documentation of database structure etc then regardless of if Emre hardcodes it or you build your own.


I have a fully working accounting setup in my Sambapos I even have full payroll integration. I had to automate and set it up myself but boy does it work great.

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That is all your opinion. I disagree with every one of your statements.

I don’t need any of the things you mention, and in my opinion, hardly anyone is asking for any of the “features” you claim “everyone” is “demanding”.

First and foremost, SambaPOS is a Restaurant POS system.

It was not designed for the “hospitality industry”, nor the “retail industry” for that matter. But because of the power and flexibility of SambaPOS, it can be and has already been be adapted to suit those industries quite well.

I don’t know what you talking about here. It has an Accounts interface already. You need more detail as to what you are looking for.

There is already Inventory control built-in as well. Why does it need to be “online”? What purpose does that serve?

Are you talking about the Inventory Management already built in? Or the PHP system I made and use? Either way, if you want a system with more “depth” then you need to explain in more detail what you believe to be “missing”.

Not required in my opinion, but again, this can already be done.[quote=“kendash, post:3, topic:10403”]
I even have full payroll integration

As do I, within SambaPOS. Integration with an outside system was not necessary in my case.


my new and improved accounting and payroll system!!!

hope this helps



agilaniJan '141 . I have a need to integrate POS with the website, so online orders can be pushed to POS

please share the screen shots so we can also try the same

Those 2 links go to user activity pages. But I am sure you are referring to these 2 posts:

RESULT: Not possible in V4, in V5 you can export data so I am sure there would be a way to do it, but you will need to implement yourself.

RESULT: This was a question and has an answer. Read it and you can understand better…

Well that isn’t even referenced from anywhere. But I know such questions have been asked and in V5 there are ways you can do this. It all depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you take the time to search the forum, you will find a number of tutorials already… Even one of those posts I linked above links to some tutorials about accounting.

Please don’t come on the forum complaining about non factual things quoting one post about someone asking for something and then claiming many people “need” this. They don’t. YOU want this, does not mean it has to exist. If YOU want it, spend time to learn and read the many posts and tutorials and YOU will be able to do it if you take the time.

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the reason why we need online inventory system is to allow management to access the stock reports from remote location without necessarily going the business location.

Restaurant pos goes hard in hard with hotel management system,the guest booked in the rooms can have their meals in the restaurant and the bill to be paid when checking out. Hotel Rooms (Entity?)
I appreciate what you did with 1bigwink but we need to capture more details of the customer ,that the reason i was suggesting KWHotel

Kindly check on that.

@muthoga what are you requesting? you have posted links to user profiles? what is this meant to be?

We do not have the ability to directly push orders from a website into sambapos, you can make scripts to pull data and post data to website but these are initiated from samba end.

You need to provide more info to get any better sugestions of how to proceed like what is powering the website and any API documentation for that system.

yes,markjw .Guys want the sambapos interfaced with various softwares so we can have all inclusive hotel solution

If this is a need in YOUR business, then you can look to ways to implement it. I don’t think this is a common need by everyone, maybe a few, but definitely not everyone.

…and if you want such integration, you can spend your time to do it yourself, and you can share on the forum later to help others, or ask questions about needing help to make such integration, just like JTRTech did with his hotel booking integration.

… kindly spend your time to learn SambaPOS and if you NEED something that does not exist, please try and ask specific questions and people will help. Posting such things is of no help to the community.

Really? You mean you and your friends? Because here, on the forum, on the internet… where we have FACTS this is not the case.

You do realise that 99% of people using SambaPOS are not using it in a hotel, right?? :wink:

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If you want a PMS integration just take a look at my PMS integration topic, you will find a good starting point for scripts and setup ideas for syncing booking information and posting sales data back to PMS but that obviously depends on the software.

If KWHotel does not offer an API and documentation neither Emre or anyone else for that matter will be able to do anything.
Have you contacted them to see what API/integration options there system offers?

Having a quick look at their manual the local version seems to have a choice of MSSQL or MySQL although only convers installing MySQL.
Either way this should allow you to script looking up booking data to set on room entities if that was required like I did. As for posting sales/room charges back the other way it would involve a good understanding of their database structure.
That is why a cloud based system with API was what I opted for as API gives a way to give it the info for it to put in database as needed.

In short you will probably have your work cut out for you.
Their wiki page doesnt even have their own logo on it and their website does not inspire me with confidence that they are likely to have an API open for you to work with or that documentation will be very detailed.

That being said they have a free option which is intriging and if had time might look as a solution as could probably market that well to several local small inns/pubs with rooms.

But to be honest with rooms of 20 upwards I would be looking myself for a good full feature software.
Points I would count as vital especially for that qty of rooms

  • Laterooms etc channel management
  • Online bookings
  • Corporate invoicing/debtors ledger
  • Cloud based does have advantages of easier remote access for owner/management and provider maintenance/updates

As a comparison for you the hotel I admin pays around 250-300 a month for booking system/online booking/channel management etc. This is for 32 rooms. I spent a couple of months integrating SambaPOS to that booking system so thats another cost to account for in the setup costing.