Mapping the tax template based on an order tag


would it be possible to map tax template to order tags?

Background: In Switzerland the VAT rate is dependent on where an item is consumed. Articles consumed within the restaurant are taxed at 8% while take away articles are taxed at 2.5%. Since a customer might consume certain articles in-house and for example take a coffee to go before leaving I obviously cannot use departements and ticket types since we do not want to make him check out twice. The products and prices stay the same, so creating different products/groups is not an option either.

Hello. I’ve recently added “Tax Template” setting for “Update Order” action for another request and I’ll release it on next update. Would it solve the problem?

Hi, yeah it probably would - i’ve actually looked for such a setting in the update order action. I’ll wait for the next release then.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, I just had a look at the database and now I’m wondering will this ‘Tax Template’ setting be able to replace all existing tax templates for an order or will it just add another tax template to the already existing ones. In the later case the new feature would not solve my problem since only one rate is applied at a time.

You’ll replace existing taxes. These are stored as lists at database because in some countries multiple tax rates applies to a single product.