Two different taxes in the same product

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So, you already have the solution for this with the new version?
I’m from Norway and here we have 15%tax when is take away and 25% when is in the restaurant.

This is already implemented yes. Look at Update Order action it has Tax Template setting available.

But how can I use? When is take akay should be 15% or in restaurant 25%…

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How are you designating Take Away and Eat In?

You will find out there is not one single answer to your question. It really depends on how you want it to work.

It’s really easy. I have all the products with 25%. If I press a take away button, all the prices in that table change to 8%
Is it possible?

Yes I recommend either a State or Ticket Tag. We can automate which tax template to use based off that tag or state.

Please explain in detail what you need. Can there be mixed orders some takeaway some eatin on same ticket?

Sorry, I was away for some days.
Yes, but if its easy we can have 2 different tickets. I would like to have an option before pay if it was take away of dine in, to have the tax.

If you have separate ticket types for dine in and take away you can map task templates directly to ticket type.

Thanks for reply so fast, but, this change the tax of the product? I can¨t understand how to do it. I have the products with 10kr ( as a example ), dine in should be 12.5 (25%) or take away 11,5 (15%).
How can I do this?

OK… To be able to help you we need to understand how you’re separating dine in tickets from take away tickets. Please tell us what you’re doing while creating dine-in tickets or take away tickets.

If you didn’t do something to separate them yet (eg. you can’t report them separately) first you should separate them by either creating ticket types or create ticket tags to mark your tickets as dine-in ticket or take away ticket. After doing that we’ll update taxes accordingly.

You can review this tutorial for a sample separation method.