Mapping users to tips payout account

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@Jesse, I followed your tutorial and I was hoping you can shed light on why my employees tips dont appear next to their names? The tips gets recorded in the Tip account but not against the employee account. also was wondering how the user account is connected to the Tip payout employee account. Help is appreciated.see beow

That already discussed under the tutorial you linked. Did you tried solutions recommended there?

Hi Emre,

I am not sure what im missing here. The thread seems to change direction and its not clear how the one solution in terms of configuration affects the other. I would appreciate help if possible. Followed kendash tutorial as close as possible but after looking at it many times over i cannot spot any errors even in the discussion thread. Can you ask me any questions in order to help? Thank you

Well this is about 2 year old discussion so I can’t remember exact details but this Tutorial shows how to do it manually. I mean it does not automatically updates employee specific tip accounts automatically.

Later a user asked that.

I think he is asking same question. To be able to track tips by employee you need to create employee entities and assign them to tickets. As employee entities are mapped to employee accounts we can automatically update employee accounts. I explained it here.

Hope that helps.

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Tried everything but kendash tutorial shows how tips are updated against employee names,

I have also implemented the employees as entities but now samba crashes at payment screen.

That’s a manual update when pay tips button is pressed it is not automatic. I manually divvy out tips end of day.